Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

For Android 13 beta release, the new toggle Clear Call is already used.

That leak was made on Twitter by notable Android user Mishaal Rahman. He took the curtain back on several Android 13 updates, including new Safety Centre, Spatial Audio and more.

Automatically enabled “Clear Calling”. I don’t want to try it, but here’s a quick look! – there’s some remark!

Mishaal Rahman (@Mishaal Rahman) August 8, 2022

Clearing calls is exciting because it needs to make making calls in noisy spaces easier. Rahman says that this feature will lower noise when asked about. That works similar to that of Google’s sound isolation techniques in Meet and with the new PixelBudget Pro.

It’s worth noting that this works only on basic calls. If you’re using Wi-Fi calling, but it’s not always better quality, Clear Call won’t work.

Since the time of writing, this feature isn’t available to all, but it appears like it’ll become an official feature in a future update. Perhaps Google will even mention this during its fall hardware show in October.

Source: Mishaal Rahman.

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