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The event bonuses will be given in addition to being aired during the deoxys raid day in Pokemon GO.

Raid Days are always a great time, with lots of rare Pokemon taking in. When on the first day of the Season of Light, it will be the first time that the mythic Deoxys will ever fly!

The team held the Raid Day event with Deoxys in the psychic Spectacular event.

Here’s the full story on the Deoxys Raid Day and what it should be done to know when it’s going to take place.

Just before you start noticing me. Just don’t expect me to get it right.

Table of contents.

  • What’s the Day of the Outpost?
  • Deadlight & Deadline: O’clock / Time / Dead Death Day / Time/Dax!
  • Has the Pokemon GO shiny deoxys?

What’s the day when the storm kills?

Deoxys Raid Day is a Pokemon GO event that will make Deoxys Raids much more frequent.

Since the 4 armor of deoxys (normal, Attack, Defense, and Speed) are appearing all day in Raids, so it’s no better time to catch this mythical Pokemon.

Just read our Deoxys Raid Guide to ‘Employ’ Pokemon, for a way to help you beat all Deoxys Formes.

Even though this is going to happen all day, players can turn off 5 additional Raid Passes during the day by spinning various games. This will give the players plenty of chances for defeating Deoxys.

Learn all of your knowledge about the game in Pokemon GO, so you can get started with the game.

“Date & Time” for Raid Day’s Odd & Black Day.

The Deoxys Raid Day is on September 11, 2022 from 10 o’clock to 5 o’clock.

This gives players three hours in an attempt to beat Normal, Attack, Defense and Speed Forme Deoxys in Raids and catch them.

While, it doesn’t only be Deoxys in Raids during the event. You have all the Pokemon left in a fight.

Is there any deoxygy in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Pokemon GO has a shiny version of every deoxys forme; the best time to get one is on Deoxys Raid Day. This is due to a increase in the appearance of the event.

Look out our shiny odds guide, and find out your chance of picking a bright yellow shiny Deoxys.

Pokemon trainers have plenty more to enjoy during the rest of the month. Find out what Pokemon are in the Pokemon GO Legendary and Mega Raid calendar.

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