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The PlayStation 5 (PS5) is Sonys latest videogame console. The new market has hit the market since the release, though potential buyers have been focusing on a lot of low stock issues.

However, the PS5 continues to receive new games and new features. Sony usually sends updates that improve the gaming experience and add new features.

Sony launched a release of the PlayStation 5 V6.0 update yesterday. The PlayStation 4 (PS4) got an update, but this caused random errors and missing DLCs.

The PS5 hasn’t been without issues with its V6.0 update. For example, many users haven’t had the capacity to update their DualSense controllers.

That said, one of the main new features of the PS5 V6.0 upgrade is the 1440p output option. But because of its compatibility, a lot of players lose the confidence.

Throughout this chapter we will clarify everything that you need to know about the PlayStation 5 1440p output and its compatibility with screens and TVs.

Many players of PlayStation 5 (PS5) confused about their new 1440p output.

After the advent of the 1440p output option, a lot of players at the PlayStation 5 were unable to use their TV or monitors to set them. This causes a lot of confusion, since many took for granted that they could use that feature.


Why is 1440p not working on my 3430440 monitor?

I’m excited about the latest update, since the 1080p looks a bit blurry on the monitor, and 4k looks stretched because it doesn’t fit the 34401440 native resolution of the screen. Yet now my PS5 tells me that 1440p wasn’t supported by my screen. I can set the resolution of the computer to 25601440. It works fine. Source

Sony X900F 1440p/120fps support.

As we probably all know, today Sony has rolled an update allowing PS5 to support 1440p. According to the current swimming (on Rtings), a large tv spec sheet makes sense of its 1440p at 120fps at a forced resolution, so I did not ever play that at this resolution.

But because of today’s update, I was very excited and couldn’t wait to try it, only so it wasn’t possible. The current test on the 8800p tablet is in the 10400p platform, so the device isn’t compatible with the 8750p screen. Source

Most users now have TVs or televisions with 4K resolution (35,840 x 2160), which is far more than the 1440p resolution (55,60 x 1.440). Also they thought that the 1440p output would be automatically compatible, but that isn’t the case.

Know why the PS5 1440p output isn’t working for you.

What many do not know about the PlayStation 5 (PS5) new 1440p output, is that it requires a TV or a monitor to be natively compatible with 1440p. Among other things, the TV or the monitor screen needs a 16:9 display ratio.

Why isn’t working on a monitor?

As for the monitors, many users with ultra-wide screens have found that they can’t set the 1440p output on their consoles.

The cause is partly because of two main reasons. First, the monitor may not natively support 1440p, but the more important thing in such cases is the display aspect ratio.

The screen format does not support the HD 5 1440 x 4. The standard display ratio of 16:9 is also necessary.

If your monitor isn’t too large, the problem is a lack of native support for the 1440p resolution.

But there is a potential problem, and it may be useful to use your monitor to be compatible with the PlayStation 5 1440p output.


Why isn’t he working on televisions?

The TVs are similar to monitors, but the support is more limited. Most TVs on the market don’t offer native support for output of 1440p.

The resolution settings available in most current TVs are:

  • 720p
  • 1080i
  • 1080p
  • 4K
  • A Redditor shows how limited current TVs native support is for 14440p output.


    I think that only the most expensive OLED TVs can be customised to 1440p resolution. But, as we have mentioned several times, native support for the 1440p output is an absolute necessity for the PS5.

    In conclusion, the new 440p output of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) is more intended to target a specific niche of premium TV and monitors, at least until 1440p native support extends to a more affordable product.

    Sony’s camera-mounted camera.

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