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The former teammate who was a member of the Underwatch League isn’t a fan of the Blizzards decision to lock the new hero into a battle pass.

In years of rumors and speculation, Kiriko was officially confirmed as the newest support hero coming to Overwatch 2. Fans are excited about becoming a new support hero. They love Kirikos design, but Blizzard has already confirmed that new hero won’t be playable right after the games launch on Oct. 4.

According to developers, Kiriko is going to be unlocked in the sequel to Overwatch. Jon Spector confirmed the heroes can be unlocked without paying for a battle pass. However, the heroes can still be readily available when the games start.

The overwatch community does not like what they have heard so far, but now, more information is available about the Season One Battle Pass.

This includes Seagull, who ran over the battle pass in recent streams.

Robby Paul, by Blizzard Entertainment.

Seagull reacts to Overwatch 2 battle pass system.

Seagull has been streaming Overwatch full-time for a while now. He told viewers a recent stream on Twitch on Sept. 8 that support mains have been waiting for a new support hero a long time now. This is what made the battle pass system even worse.

He explained that the support heroes lack a character for two and a half years. The first support hero they get Like, damn bitch. We must keep this shit.

Seagull explained what made the battle pass system even more indistinguishable. He said that new heroes Sojourn and Junker Queen will be available at launch. But but Kiriko is an odd player. It will be difficult for players to pay for or grind for.

Why don’t you come out as soon as you arrive, with the three characters? All characters, after this in future seasons, have to grind for No. They single out the support, Seagull said. You’re pretty much like in the village. That’s so funny, it’s mad.

The decision to put Kiriko in the battle pass seemed to rub Seagull the wrong way. This has been a sentiment shared by many others in the Overwatch fanatic, and many wonder whether Kiriko will cost or how long it will take to unlock her. Some leakers previously stated it may take days.

For now, the details of the battle pass are often a mystery. Some of the battle pass rewards have been leaked, including an Legendary skin for Kiriko and more than 80 other cosmetics.

Of course, the new hero is also in the leaked battle pass rewards.

Overwatch 2 Battle Pass RewardsThe #Overwatch 2 Season 1 Battle Pass rewards emerged as follows: Kirikomythic Skin: Cyber Demon GenjiLegendary Skin: Hinotori(: Phoenix) Kiriko80+ New CosmeticsNew Hero (free track) The new “Superstar” version of the XVII Season 1 Battle Pass Rewards are similar to those who have already announced that are.

Naeri X (@OverwatchNaeri) September 8, 2022.

Blizzard devs are going to reveal more information on the Overwatch 2 battle pass soon, which will help address some of the community’s concerns.

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