Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The developers don’t know when they’re supposed to name a new release date.

The developers don’t specify when it is planned to name a new release date.

According to the press officer Zakhar Bocharov, this is a common procedure to postpone games.

For some time, the possibility of ordering STALKER 2 won’t be available. It will only reopen once the game has the exact date of the release.

Zakhar Bocharov

As the PR manager of OGSM game world, he’s the GSC.

Microsoft refunds pre-orders of games without an exact release date, which is due to expire. The game will be available for purchase on Xbox as soon as we announce the release date.

Then Bocharov explained why December 20, 2023 was designated the opening for STALKER 2 on Steam. According to Zahar, this is a date of the stub, but the release is still scheduled for 2023.

Zakhar Bocharov

GSC Game World is the director of PR.

Dec. 23, the new release date will start at about 3 o’clock.

STALKER 2 should be released on April 28, 2022. In the middle of January, the game was postponed till December 8, 2022, when the Russian military operation began on Ukraine’s territory, GSC Game World moved some of the workers to the Czech Republic, leaving the project delayed to 2023.

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