Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

More details about the alleged backstage confrontation between Punk and The Elite seem to be out of view. No one is yet to get off the top of the scot-free list.

It’s become very clear that this is a real-life fight that CM Punk won’t recover from so easily.

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The controversial brawl is about the same time we discovered the news following the AEW’s All Out 2022 results. Shortly after winning the second AEW championship, the 43-year-old wrestler had a field day blasting Kenny Omega and the Young Buck at the post-even media scrum. What CM Punk said didn’t stand too well with those he criticized. We’ve got different accounts about what happened.

Ultimately, the blame for this fight is on Punk.

On the other hand, The Elite claim CM Punk took the first turn and didn’t even give Matt and Nick Jackson a chance to speak. The problem was with Nick who help Matt and left when he walked off a steel chair that is on the head by Ace Steel. After Omega tried to keep Nick off of his hair, he then twisted his head and pulled her hair.

However, Ace Steel and CM Punk painted another picture. The other side says that The Elite had taken a more aggressive approach and kicked the door down among other things.

No matter what the truth is, the AEW suspended all wrestlers involved in the altercation in the investigation. AEW also stripped CM Punk and The Elite of their World and World Trios Championships respectively.

If nothing else, AEW will benefit from all the PR generated by this incident. Punk recently exclaimed that the only reason he’s in AEW is to sell tickets and drive ratings. The real-life brawl ought to do exactly what he has just said. Nevertheless, sources believe that AEW doesn’t plan to create a storyline based on this situation.

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