Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The fact Temtem has an official battle pass isn’t exactly new, as developer Crema Games announced its intention in a January 2020 roadmap post. Even though the player is apparently surprised by this decision, allowing players to know their displeasure, as well as Steam reviews, some rancor on Reddit and a few discorded community issues.

On the Discord has a message from Tsukki, an organization manager, who wrote up a post earlier in the week to support Crema’s decision on not having a battle pass for them.

We always want to avoid p2w and to make a selection of the best items available. Anything and everything that the company does in Temtem is cosmetic, writes her. However, we understand there are other reasons for battle passes that don’t really concern the economic factor. We know people by nature are against them, and we fully respect their decision to leave the game. Tsukki asks from the point of view that those who don’t oppose the option of monetization frighten devs.

In a post from yesterday, Tsukki outlined some new updates coming to the battle pass, including an immediate double of pass XP earnings from defeating and capturing wild Tems and an immediate adjustment coming into a patch sometime next week that would also grant pass XP from defeating NPC tamers. Likewise, Tsukki confirmed that cosmetics that are pass exclusive will be added to the games cash shop a year later. Finally, the devs continue to check their progress with regard to pass XP earnings and considering changing their formulas.

Source: The issue of discord

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