Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The fantasy novel, Fighting Storm, has been published by The Endows and he has announced the Cursed Battlefield update. With the new Cursed Battlefield update, players are invited to rediscover the Cursed Royal Woods, which boast new content and significant improvements.

The Cursed Royal Forests area was completely redesigned. This added a lot more material to the dark forest biome introduced almost a year ago. The biome has two unique effects to challenge and surprise players, Cursed battlefield and resteless spirits. Cursed Field is the result of an extinction effect. It gives a unique chance for the player to study. Players should read carefully since dangerous or forbidden clearings won’t be visible in Royal Woods.

These treacherous lands were home to many dead soldiers during the Civil War, and the restless spirits aren’t a distraction as the viceroys fulfill the Queens demands. These spirits have special requests that the players must fulfill (or disregard). Some requests might be trivial, such as cutting trees or delivering goods. Some players may make them question their own morality. Regardless of the nature of the request, it’s always wise to propitiate the spirits, as some can retaliate if they feel they’re being ignored.

There are also major changes to the Keystones, a rebalancing of over 40 existing lands, and a full number of new lands. In the actual meta, players often use the same gem with their own disbelief. Last but not least, all the major improvements in the UI and a user experience, and the new Harmony Spirit event, which includes the biggest update on Against the Storm.

Against The Storm is currently on the Epic Games Store, with a Steam release scheduled for this year.

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