Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Magic 8Ball began outing ranked games in the recently released Splatoon 3 so that he was only able to pick up the fastest team from North America in the first match.

Splatoon’s niche-and-action sports scene houses a few top teams over the title. Starburst is one of the nation’s best teams and crowned the latest two years of the Spitlands Grand Finals Champion in 2014, as well as the previous three seasons.

Magic8Ball, like many other players who recently purchased Splatoon 3, went on to the games and entered competition shortly after the game’s release. Although Magic8Ball wasn’t many of his peers in the class, it was handed a big challenge that is likely to be the largest in the region.

What better way to start the ranked grind than to be North American champions at Splatoon three?

Magic8Ball (@Magic_Octo) September 9-2022

My name’s Sternburst. He has been joked. Why? The Splatoon streamer exclaimed, obscene, is trolling me! Cmon! That’s my first game! After his initial shock and the end of his time in the match, Magic8Ball was able to get a hold of the match even when he was considering the circumstances, and managed to take out one member of the Starburst.

Even though Magic8Ball did a lot of good work, the winner was unable to defeat the all-star squad; Starburst got a great score by a wide margin. We all thought that Magic8Ball had a memorable opening ranked game.

Magic 8Ball was stopped when he entered competitive on an enormous obstacle, but one that had at least given some humor along with his loss.

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