Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The story in the book titled “Walketerras”, in which series of maps were built out for the rest of the period, of 2022 and 2023, is revealed. The Darkin Saga is already part of the series of recent months, and is presented as a feature during the World Championship in the esports category.

The game will start sometime this month. The first of the three new titles, 2 new boards, and the first part of a corrupted event. The saga of the World Championship, organized in October, is the beginning of a new generation of champions and will kick off an Arclight event. The final night of the night, December comes to the end of the Darkin Sagas finale, as well as more champions and more balancing, and the second section of the Corrupted event.

The roadmap also looks at 2023 based on a single-stroke look, promising more exclusive champions, more expansions, and new ways to play, such as a Rotation mode. Some details may be coming soon. But the interested players can look at the next few months by clicking the map image below.

Twitter is the source of the report. Riot Games is considered a very controversial gaming company after a study in 2018 showed how discriminatory a situation caused and discriminate from workers’ behavior. This scandal blamed several developers for the high-ranking executives’ misjudiciation. Finally, the developer labor dispute was erupting and he got on. Former workers and the state of California, which alleged that Riot wasn’t cooperating with its investigation, filed legal suit for the slain victim, but settled at the end of 2021 for over $100M.

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