Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Summer isn’t without the most fun, but the clean up shouldn’t be boring. Now JUSTICESUCKS: TACUCUUM Action begins in all the PCs and all consoles. Developed by Samurai Punk and published by tinyBuild, enter a real world of a crime-comedy on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch. When evil forces attack, the robot vacuums the house with an insurmountable killing.

When a robot vacuum Dusty McClean became sick, the first thought he thought how much he liked his human family. He lived to help them clean up appliances, repair equipment and more. After an evil corporation misplaces his warranty and abducts his family, he learns a new emotion: Rage. The company headquarters would probably be able to train in the best training montage ever: A deep dive into the world of televised 90s weirdness. Get it safe here.

It will be tough to convince Dusty to make a war-twistful weapon, but he’s not alone. Summon an incarnation of his fight spirit; the sobering Sexy McClean, and crow new powers to clean up crime. Put plants, knives or cats (the ultimate weapon) on enemies, hack device to kill poisons and fire your fallen enemies in a burning cuff to fill Dustys deadliest moves.

Dusty, somewhere along the line, developed a taste of human blood and became able to use this fuel to provide for his most powerful abilities. Unleash the deadliest combat-art that the world has ever known; reduce your foes to a cloud of meaty chunks, clean everything up and repeat that deliciously deadly cycle. Give the bonus missions a boost and unlock further action to diversify your destructive powers. This was a dirty part of the job, but it had to be done if you wanted to return that robot to his domestic bliss.

JUSTICE SUCKS successfully infiltrated PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles now.

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