Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

In response to the new Apple Arcade announcements this week including Football Manager 2023 Touch and Septembers reveals earlier, the new Horizon Chase 2 () has launched in Apple Arcade. The original game is a mobile classic, and it is important to each platform if you like arcade racing. The second track will go on with its multiplayer, crews, garage and more. Horizon Chase 2 is available now on Apple Arcade and will come into other platforms next year. I want to participate this weekend in multiplayer. Click on the Apple Arcade button and watch the movie Horizon Chase 2.

Along with today’s new big release, many notable games have been published with interesting updates. Zookeeper World lets you visit other zoos, including the game center’s friends zoos. This new puzzle has also been added to the ticket exchange. Outlanders Version 11 introduces the Outlanders Chronicles to a new way to experience the story with a self-contained story, new customizer options for sandbox and more. Mini Autoways 1.7.5 brings in the Caminho Portugues Update added to the Lisbon map. The tiger and the devils have recently got a new dungeon, the Flame Ruins, with 20 new levels, new costumes and treasures, a new cankend plant login bonus, and more.

This piece has its first update in about one year, and contains 30 levels, new puzzles in the Zen Book, new hidden levels and the revised levels. The last notable update of the week is the elegant pattern that has added in real-time multiplayer with version 5.0. This update also has improvements to pattern downloading, offline mode fixes, and more. The forum thread will be divided into two parts, to the subject of Chase 2 here, to the Mini Motorways here, to the Exhiokeeper World here, to the Moxios, for the Rumbling Ruin here, for the colour and for the color here, and for the Patterned here. For all the others in the Apple Arcade, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum, to learn more about how it works and what else it does. What do you think of Apple Arcade announcements such as FIFA Manager 23 Touch and more?

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