Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The Star Wars Galaxies focuses a bit more on the packing up lost players structures. Instead of simply dividing building and dissecting them from the map, the game had instead let players hunt down flagged buildings and call in Imperial Airstrikes to blow them up. The structure is shaped into the owners’ databases. The event is called the Galactic Vacant Building Demolition Movement, and the Legends team has launched an official launch.

The demo/pack-up event works much like the last years: Players can use the claim menu to join in, and hunt down 10 abandoned houses per account each day to join in, and then call in the bombing run, and obtain tokens for each day which can be used to buy unique decorations.

The event once again has no end date, a lot of abandoned buildings are being found by players so there is some room for the empire to put off hiding space and watch a house explode simultaneously.

source: forum for Officials.

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