Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The company announced that Flyhigh Works and Rayark released the version 1.11 update for Voez, nearly a whole year after the previous update. The new version adds 50 new songs, while the games total song count is 290, the company said.

Of the 50 new songs, there are:

  • I have an acute Katakoi syndrome by CLOS. Lielle)
  • charon feat gives a shining world. Nanase Rei
  • Snow Blossom by yuritoworks.
  • Sound Souler, Beyond the Nature of The Lost, found that Sound Souler was unaccustomed to.
  • Give off by Tokushi to the [oldest] drop.
  • In order to find some peace of mind, forsy by Analog digitalaL.
  • Iris. Beyond The World, The Last and End of It by The Next.

Watch the trailer below for the update.

Update Trailer Version 1.11 – Update Trailer.

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