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I have been covering my fields of business for about 13 years now. It’s a long time. And that It is very strange, that I cover World of Warcraft so much, it’s a simple blow. Think about it: While I mentioned the batting average of expansions over its entire lifecycle is roughly 50 percent, a fairly bad idea to limit that scope to the time I was working was largely uninteresting. Cataclysm, Warlords of Draenor, Battle for Azeroth and Shadowlands all took their at-bat while I wrote.

Some of those were somehow my fault, I call for sacking me, but that’s not a correlation but a causation.

Which makes me to think of WoW as well, but I hope we’re having no problem. What is the value of WoW, and why do I do, rather than just move on and play something else? Because there are definitely reasons, and they aren’t nostalgia and I think a problem is worth asking and answering.

Adolescents are an enjoyable factor.

Let’s acknowledge that, for all the time, I used the analogy of how the whole cup of frosting leaves you feeling somewhat sick and resentful, but the first third of the can is at least freaking awesome. You are just eating frosting, and no one will tell you that isn’t a thing! Life’s pretty good now.

I wanted to clarify that, if this wasn’t yet from context, I don’t use adolescents as a pejorative. It’s good to watch the play on the inside, and see where their fit is. WoW is not a game of diversity, set, scale, character, playable races, sapient races the list continues.

That’s a lot of fun. It’s like the campaign setting you’ve made for D&D when you were teenager, trying to get everything to the left as well. Sure, it could result in an incoherent mess, but also meant that, with dual pistols and floating space ninjas, people would use nuclear blasts to disable foes. You’re really cool.

The result is much greater than the game, but so is the game’s rich character. It’s just like a profession that is about making explosive items and weird gadgets that are not geared toward utilities. That’s just worth it. The game is the kind of thing that puts it behind a weaker one. It also means that whatever you say about the game is very rarely conceptually boring. They’re most often colorful and fun.

His style is solid.

It’s widely accepted that, whatever criticism you can earn at WoW in general, the art team is killing it and that it was done practically every expansion. But I won’t contradict this idea. The fact is WoW looks big, and is distinct and interesting in ways that many games are not manageable.

One of the reasons that ow was trampled over the other game that started in a similar timeframe, I think it’s obvious to me that you have style in spades. It seems like a person came out of a list of fantasy staples and a pen full of college-ruled paper and a time limit, but all of those ideas have been pushed through a distinct stylistic filter, and stepped up with an end of the other side, as a mashup of Ron Spencer, Mike Mignola, Joe Mad and maybe Jim Lee.

Yes, I know that the principle artistic influences in mind came from Samwise Didier and Chris Metzen, but that’s not the point. This style is memorable and catchy, and although it has evolved a little in the past, it has been a long time since the first time. The new art has been very useful, but even after the first steps in the game Azeroth has always looked like nothing else in the best way.

There are many solid foundations.

One of the nicest compliments my wife gave me was saying that I had forgotten more about video game history than she did. And so does WoW. This is a game that has eliminated more good design than many games ever had, and still has a huge backlog of problems to expect from those developers to be willing to focus on making a cohesive game instead of joining the top wing and ignoring the rest.

Let me pick a good example: housing. Most games that want to implement housing must come up with many bespoke products that must be used in housing, but WoW has literally many years of arranged elements that have been used for years in different settings and easily adapted into a housing system. They’re right! You just need to get started.

Artifact weapons sit there at any time that devs want them to be used. There are better loot systems. Heck, seeing with Dragonflight that it seems to be clear the power was always there to actually just improve the talent management, and that isn’t actually being done. And while there’s natural motivation for being annoyed with the sloppy solutions and being ignored, I think it makes sense to celebrate that these systems are here and can be implemented.

The problem is not that WoW can’t be good or has always struggled with system-wide issues that its never figured out. The problem is that those solutions tend to be ignored, except for slapdash implementation or one-offs as the front will get worse. These aren’t just problems that could be solved but already had been solved.

Because of the games already being very bad, it’s always a big draw. All the solutions are there and lack the knowledge and knowledge of the human soul. I have talked a lot about the need for the game to succeed and do new things instead of just reintroducing to the past, but the real truth is that the past contains valuable information. That’s all useful material.

Unique, fun classes.

Look, Shaman and Demon Hunter and Monk and Death Knight are cool to me, and I will die on the hill. I might still be pining for a form of Paladin never getting back, but I love these classes and make up much of the money I earn and invest.

Despite being completely past the age of the moment, we ought to have some other weapon options. Just let Shaman use a sword. If Anduin can be called a priest of heavy armor and have a sword, we can also allow Shaman characters to have swords.

War never changes, but World of Warcraft does, with a decade of history and a huge footprint in the industry. Become part of a new series of WoW Factor by Eliot Lefebvre each week, whose adventures lie beneath the eyes of the world’s vast, unorthodox, and more generalized world, Theazeroth and Draenor.

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