Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Xbox announced it’s offering the new home screen to users and making different changes in the UI. A home screen is one of the most important characteristics. It sets the tone for the feeling and aesthetics the console will offer. This is key to effective and quick delivery of information and easy access to games, movies and other apps. Xbox has had a number of iconic home screens dating back to the original Xbox, but everything really was impactful with the Blades dashboard on Xbox 360 and all the subsequent evolutions. All Xbox’s new, premium, flashy home screens, with the exception of the Xbox Series X, are virtually identical to the Xbox One’s current home screen.

Xbox is trying to shake things up. As said by the New York Times, Xbox is rolling out new UI changes, which are the first to select Xbox Insiders, with titles such as a row of new or previously played games and apps and more specifically curated categories to attract visitors. Microsoft will take feedback from these Insiders over the next few months to help create a new Xbox home screen sometime in 2023. Xbox has released an image of what’ll be rolling out soon, but it’s unclear if the final product in 2023 will look like that or have drastic changes.

Regardless of whether or not the people who are a bit tired of the Xbox home screen, this is good news. It was quite a concern that the Xbox Series X|S hasn’t come with a new home screen, but this will hopefully offer that refresh fans were hoping for when the consoles launched in 2020. It seems like this home screen will also come to Xbox One users, but it wasn’t specified.

What do you want to see from the new Xbox home screen?

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