Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

In a press release following the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase, Empty Clip Studios was working on a remaster of Gargoyles. It has updated visuals and controls so that it can use modern consoles and tablets. A release window and the consoles haven’t been disclosed.

Gargoyles was originally developed by Disney and released in 1995 by Buena Vista Interactive for the Sega Genesis. It’s based on the popular classic animated series that’s the same name. With five levels, it can be regarded as the protagonist of Goliath, destroying Odin’s eye. While plan was to release for the Super NES, this version was eventually cancelled.

Gargoyles received much praise, although some criticised the controls. Despite that, the 2D platformer is unknown yet. It should be interesting to see how the remaster improves the graphics and the gameplay. Be updated about the same in the coming months.

By anupam

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