Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Blizzard confirms that a bug affecting the fantasy games in-game store made some purchases not being properly processed, since players did not receive items after purchasing from Diablo Immortal in many cases. The team says a fix has been rolled out so that the issue doesn’t happen in the future. That affected players will now receive their items.

Several players recently reported that Diablo Immortal Orbs purchases were missing in the game. One player on the Diablo Immortal Subreddit highlighted this issue in a post saying that I’ve made many purchases from 7200 Eternal Orbs and all transactions are successful, referring to the most expensive offer (preced at $99.99/89). 99.

The player then explained that the purchase made for the Google Play Store was a success for 92,99 dollars but not delivered to the game. When you try to redeem the orbs, it says the item is already owned, and an error message is displayed. Several others echoed the story with saying they experienced the same issue.

The thread creator says that after Diablo Immortal Support initial reported that Google was responsible for the problem, Google Support responded by saying that the Diablo Immortal teams response was unacceptable. While the user notified the Blizzard Support team, a new set of 7200 Eternal Orbs has been sent to their account, there’s no error message.

The general manager for Diablo called it a public update in October, confirming that Last week, we analyzed reports from a few players who reported that their in-app purchases were not earned by a single-player group. He explains that the problem is caused by a glitch in the checkout. He then says there’s been a fix rolled out so no new purchase hits this issue and adds that the support team is focused on identifying affected accounts so we can move forward and deliver missing items.

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