Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

He technically retired from competitive Dota 2 since November 2021 and was a successful scholar. Yet something like immigration issues and community initiatives continue to keep the door open for a return.

As part of his compulsory donation goals he helped set up to raise money for the biggest French charity streaming marathon, Ceb spawned several outlandish goals like playing League of Legends on stream or even putting together a new Dota team.

The charity’s marathon begins as a “obsessed” fundraising day, and send support for #ZEVENT2022

Ceb (@Benjamin) September 9:2022.

The goal for LoL is a funny joke but if he raises $100,000 between Sept. 9 and 11 he’ll recruit four others and register for the 2023 Dota Pro Circuit. That would mean full return to competitive play, and trying to keep it in the lower bracket of a DPC regional.

After posting those goals, the community jumped to action immediately and began spreading the word that there was a way to get Ceb back in the game as much as a ground-breaking OG.

Guys food is great and all but watching Ceb play professionally again is better. The twitter user Rastko said, and it is a sentiment that echoed across the community.

He already raised more than five thousand dollars, then played much of Dota, either with the fans or with the coaches in his first shift on stream.

Ceb has played several competitive matches over the past year; after joining the DPCs Stockholm and Arlington, his organization has helped raise their fifth major trophy in Stockholm and re-valuing the ESL One Malaysia.

There are still four more goals on the table before the top 100 per cent mark is on the table, and this costs more than all of the other goals combined, but this has still a hard time backing up if only cracking 10 per cent will force him to eat a “Topson-style mustache”!

You are the only one, no. ZEVENT2022

OG (@OGesports) September 9, 2022

Z event 2022 will run from September 9 to 11. Last year, the event raised 11,5 million dollars for Action Against Hunger, breaking several records in the process.

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