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The Failed to Acquire Parental Control Information error in Elden Ring has annoyed many PlayStation players lately. To be able to help you with that wrong, they are not the only ones that can hit it. In this guide, we’ll explain what was the cause of this problem, and what you could do about it. Let’s dive in.

Elden Ring failed to take Parental Control Information Problem.

Elden Ring failed to Acquire Parental Control Information Error Explained.

If it’s one of the people who saw the failed PSN-remote error in Elden Ring, then that’s one of the many and many people that has suffered from the current PSN-server failure. What do you say when we buy the Is PlayStation Out? I am assuming people’s working really hard to repair this. You should periodically check the PlayStation Network Service Status page to keep track of what’s going on. Ask PlayStation Twitter account is actually a support page, so you can also follow that. You can’t do anything else.

And so, that is why you get the Failed to Acquire Parental Control Information error in Elden Ring on the PlayStation. If you feel that on a PC, there is actually a solution you can use. Turn on the Windows key, tap the Settings, and open the network & internet. From there, select the Adapter Options and go right-clicking on your network. Click Properties and click the Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4). Find the specialized DNS area. In the Prefered DNS Server field, type and enter in the Advanced DNS Server. Click OK to change the course of the changes. Once you have done all that, just restart the game and come back to normal. Big ups for Reddit-user Sidewinder0 for this fix. One thing that I’d add is that, if youre not too well informed about the DNS settings, you will know what you’re doing.

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