Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

The fourth season of the fourth chapter of Fortnite’s, not confusing at all, is titled “Paradise” and seems to focus on some kind of chrome material infecting the island, with other leaks that have created a big new addition.

Over the past few days, several strange videos from Fortnite that seemed to be related to the next season are coming up on TikTok. However, since it was initially believed that they were leaked, these videos now appear to be one of Epic’s usual real-world teasers. These clips show different people reacting as a chrome substance infects their surroundings and spreads across the world.


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Along with the videos, Epic updated the official Fortnite website to tell Paradise and reveal the title of the season and reveals the logo, along with tweeting on Twitter. The website shows the season’s logo with the same chrome material in the teasers while the ethereal sound of the game is played.

To push the chrome theme, any of the videos shared on the Fortnite Twitter account also has phrases attached, such as “Chrome consumes everything”, “Changer should be everything” and “Paradise”. It eats everything, according to the account shared by FortniteBR.

This thread follows previous leaks from the beginning of the season, such as new key art that appeared on Nintendo’s eShop, showing what appears to be The Paradigm drowning in the same chrome material that was seen in TikTok teasers. Since the chrome infects everything and scars anyone who comes into contact with it in the videos, it’s clear that “Paradise” is not a valid term, but it’s viewed as a good way to re-read the effects of the ink on the map.

Some things we know that Fortnite is going to have more upcoming season, except for some rumours suggesting that players will also be able to swim in the chrome in more serious ways.

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