Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Google has unveiled improved images, in different colors, of smartphones of the Pixel 7 family. Remind yourself that the official presentation of these devices, as well as several other new products, will also take place on October 6th.

Adresse of the image: Google.

The family will consist of the base Pixel 7 and the more powerful Pixel 7 Pro. The devices will receive a Tensor G2 processor. The chip is said to offer more useful telemetry, photos, video, security and speech recognition features.

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Each of the new phone series’s new models comes with three color palettes. In particular, the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will be released in the Obsidian (black) and Snow-white versions. The Pixel 7 also has a Lemongrass-Green tinge, and the Pixel 7 Pro has a Hazel-Soy (gray with a green tinge).

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The photos show the mobile phones coming from the back. As we can see, the Pixel 7 has a single camera and the Pixel 7 Pro’s a triple camera. The block with optical modules and a flash is designed in the form of a wide strip that crosses the body horizontally.

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