Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

FlyAway announced that their horror-platforming game Triple Take will come out in October. If you haven’t seen this yet, the game is a fast 2D precision platformer that will require you to be fast on the button and patient with the results before you can move on. When you complete a stage, it all evolves afterward, making it harder to complete it. As long as you run, wall jump, climb and swim, you need to strengthen your platforming abilities so you can pull off massive runs. We’ll get a new feeling that you’ll get more energy. Don’t worry, even if it weren’t to be part of an Olympic Games Run marathon, we’d probably be surprised. The game will be available on PC, on October 6th, 2014. You can read the latest trailer for this game below.

Credit: Bonus Stage Publishing.

Triple Take is a series of unexpected experiences that develop as soon as you complete the journey. Run, wall jump, climb and swim through a lot of difficult places in a dark world. The first level is very fast to beat if you first go first. But if you play another level, the levels are very quick to beat. Any time you beat any level you’re trying to improve your level and you need to get involved again. Three times. Triple-Push. That’s why you bought it. It makes completing levels difficult. The new direction opens up and new threats open up.

  • Your level three times is sufficient.
  • Gameplay breaks the fourth wall and goes out of the game itself.
  • As you progress, sometimes you must go through the bosses.
  • 5 worlds and over one fifty different levels.
  • Many, many Boss Fights have many, many others.
  • With the original music of Tobias Roberts’s Tobias.

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