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The NBA 2K23 still have the tradition of having a Face Scan app that allows you to scan and then import your likeness onto a player in the game. For many players this is a very important feature that makes them feel like they are truly part of the game. To use this system, you must first download and install an app on your mobile device. For Android users, this is a pretty easy thing to do, since they can easily find it on Google Play without being very tired. iOS devices are a little bit more complicated than mobile phones. So if you don’t have enough trouble, we will show you how to buy the NBA 2K23 face scanner app.

How to get NBA 2K23 Face scans by app store?

Where to find the NBA 2K23 Face Scan in the App Store.

First, take out your iOS device. Next, go to the App Store. Before you go, see a game in 2K. Once you have found a two-K game, click the developer. This will lead you to an independent page that lets you view the app with the iPad, iPhone, and iPad app, as well as Mac-based app, and download all of the iOS-related apps this developer has on the App Store. From here you can see the app you are searching for.

From your device, download the appropriate version of the app either for your iPad or the iPhone. Only to install and connect her to your account. This guide is free to read, but it doesn’t matter. There are still issues with the Face App as of now. We have more information about it in our NBA 2K23 Face Scanner Guide.

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