Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

On September 8, 2022, a video from the Waterline series was published. The developers discussed the update plans for the end and the start of 2023, as part of the planning. Players are looking for new maps, new submarines and many ships.

By the autumn update 0.11.9, a full-fledged release of submarines will be offered, first captains are offered submarines from Germany and the United States and then more recently from Germany and the U.S. Next fall, two of the Japanese yachts and two other superships are going to be released. I plan on taking Halloween content, which I would like to include in my book, Twilight Battle mode and operations.

In the winter, a new location in ‘Seychelles’ will be released – the unique correspondence to an actual geographic object. The snowflake exhibition will begin on the shipyard by the year end of the year. Over time, newer maps, the Lunar New Year event and the settings will be improved.

They intend to implement Headhunting and collective combat missions at the beginning of 2023. The first surviving, which will come to life by its new predecessor, will be American hybrid battleships and European destroyers. Today, the game is hosting Battleship and the celebration of the seventh anniversary of the WoWs in patch 0.11.8. Today launched the activity “Threes of Poseidon” – an exciting activity.

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