Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

In a slack of Disney and Marvel games, Niantic announced its next mobile game: MARVEL World of Heroes.

In 2015, as an internal startup of Google, and became an independent entity, Niantic earned its patent, real world technology called Lightship – which combines real world scenarios with virtual reality experiences.

Ingress became an effective breakthrough among mobile games with augmented reality, breaking the top of all competitions. It’s spawned an entire genre since that time and even organizations like CD Projekt RED have tried to dive into the augmented reality craze with The Witcher: Monster Slayer.

Nevertheless, even Niantic isn’t well able to replicate the success of Pokemon GO. For example, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite lasted no long, shutting down in January 2022 after launching in June 2019.

MARVEL World of Heroes won’t be easy, but its developers are excited about its upcoming launch. Neil Melville explained: “On behalf of the game developer, he is in the game.”

It was a pleasure to work with this talented and passionate team to create a game that allows players to explore the superhero lifestyle right away. I want to inspire the players to enjoy the world’s best-looking place. The character avatar system used in the MARVEL World of Heroes gives players much freedom to express a variety of roles, genders, and clothing-specific customizations. I can’t wait to find out what type of characters players are going to create for becoming famous local heroes.

Lisa Filelona, senior producer, added:

The best part about being a MARVEL World of Heroes Producer is that I see the team, the team and the game developers amazing work. I’m about teamwork for many days now and for the future, I think the world relates to our creative and technological leaders. I love MMORPGs, so I’m excited about getting them to the real world. Imagine seeing and interoperating with a superhero in a comic book, what I’ve discovered. I can’t wait to see how different players interact with these locations and form their own stories.

The developers also shared that MARVEL World of Heroes will use the multiverse setup so players can travel to multiple alternate realities in the same place to interact with different characters and stories.

This game will be available next year on iOS and Android devices.

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