Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Marvel by Amy Hennig is described as team game between Captain America and Wakanda heroes, the most important of them being Black Panthers. So, when you’re thinking of making up a friend for the nazis, you’ll need to choose a different game, since there isn’t room for co-op play in the game.

When IGN asked Hennig for the aforementioned interview about an unnamed Marvel game if it was an co-op game, he replied, “En terms of storytelling, in terms of gameplay, no”.

If Captain America and Black Panther (Azzuri’s grandfather), they will appear in the game, don’t expect to be able to play a local or online game with your friend.

Due to the limited details, the untitled Marvel game will focus on four players: Captain America, Black Panther, Roaring Team member Gabe Jones and warrior Dora Milaj.

Each character will be unique and potentially playable, but it will not support co-op in itself.

There are a number of superhero games where co-op will be a key mechanic such as Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League.

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