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The following enlargement project, the ultimate myth starts soon. On Friday the Sq. Enix detailed another Stranger of Paradise DLC, Wanderer of the Rift. Using the new experiment’s second trial in July, this project is a well-recognized Ultimate Mythpersona: Gilgamesh.

Look up the trailer of the DLC Stranger of Paradise under.

Perhaps one of the vital scenes confirmed by our team will be a spoiler for the series “Stranger of Paradise: Ultimate Myth”.

Since the trailer was built, the key art project, uploaded to the legitUltimate Myth BeginningTwitter account, has been put into the Arrests: Router of the Rift DLC, with Gilgamesh. The nature first made the impression that it was in Ultimate Myth. Until now, the spirit has made cameos or played a single role in Ultimate Myth. Although Gilgamesh’s look is numerous, this model fits a lesser known design. Red-orange armor, with a mode that inspires the illusion of mythical Eastern warrior-monk Benkei, and a white-painted face with purple stripes for the Kabuki type.

The trailer focuses on Jacks fighting the mythical warrior who passes through a dimensional rift. Gilgamesh utilizes some of his signature assaults, both in line with his recognition as a collector of mythical weapons. He uses the Zantetsuken and poses with it, while his persona design bears his trademark naginata polearm. He uses a transfer called Gigasplode.

Stranger of Paradise: Ultimate MythBeginningis to be had on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Sequence X|S and PC. TheWanderer Rift DLC has launched on October 26, 2022. The Season Go is a good thing to get from there, which is added by the addition of Trials of the Dragon King and the subsequent DLC enlargement,Other Long run. Take a look at Siliconeras official review of the base game.


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