Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

The Roadmap of Runeterra Darkin is unveiled.

Riot Games is one of the biggest games in the industry. In the first year, The Legends came out of fame. Since then, the company has released some spin-off titles including Legends of Runeterra, a play-able digital card collectible game. Today, the developers have unveiled a roadmap for the Darkin Saga that shows off content until end of 2022 and early 2023. All interested fans can play this game for free on PC and mobile.

In September, players get to the Darking Saga: Awakening series which includes five new champions, an event, a balance patch and a new PVE champion. In October, Darkin Saga: Domination kicks off with three new champions, an event and the PVE champions. Players will take part in the World Championship 2022 in November. Finally, in December, the Darkin Saga won the Corrupted Event Part 2, 3 new champions, and a mid-season patch.

In addition, the developers talked about 2023 in a little bit. In the next year, fans will have to remember a ton of content including new champions, balance changes and expansions. As well, players can play the game with new methods.

In Legends of Runeterra, players are going to win a unique strategy card game where they can use iconic champions and heroes from League of Legends. Moreover, every city has its own style and strategy for the players to master, according to hero and deck used.

What are your thoughts on Runeterra legends? Have you tried this game since it was released? Do you love card games? How about the roadmap? Which piece of content are you most excited for?


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