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The MCU houses a large number of actors, but a cast member of She-Hulk is the oldest to be born. Leon Lamar, who plays Cornelius Willows at Donny Blazes, is 104. That’s right, and as he was looked at in the fourth episode, you wouldn’t even remember who was talking about.

This information came first to light from a post on Instagram written by Kat Coiro. It’s the author of a letter that writes: “I’m happy.

In 1919, Leon Lamar aka Cornelius was born. This makes her 104. A sweeter, witter, rather wonderful actor could never be found. When we were shooting the episode 4 of @shehulkofficial I’d see @rhyscoiro and Leon in conversation. He’s always excited for his own life. What I love about my husband is his constant curiosity.

She adds some extra information, such as a quote that Rhys Coiro, who plays Donny Blaze, gave in an interview with Variety.

He’s now 104. When I came to shooting, I thought he was only 102 or 103, but now he’s 104. He is a national treasure and one of my favorite things about being an actor is that love bond you have with your fellow actors. And he and I had just a good relationship between takes; fortunately, I was constantly able to interview him and learn about his amazing life. I mean he didn’t even start acting till the late seventies. She just happens. Kat and his girlfriend were adding lines to his line in the moment. That character has a lot of fleshed out in the final cut. It’s really wonderful.

There are a few months in the game of She-Hulk, so we’re hoping to see some more of Leon Lamars performance as Cornelius Willows.

Featured Image Source: Marvel Studios.

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