Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Stalker 2 Wont Have Any More Delays, Says Devs Have Any More Delays, Says Devs Have Any More Delays,

The Russian devs are gravely affected by the ongoing invasion of Ukraine. The GSC Game World initially planned the game to be launched this year. Yet Russia’s attack on the region made them decide to delay that into 2023.

There are terrible conditions for the Stalker 2 studio up. Just this June, they shared a video recounting their experiences in the first months of war. They saw the impact of war on the devs surroundings and also their personal accounts of how the war affected their lives. Some senior staff even talked about signing up for the Ukrainian army.

Several Stalker 2 fans have spotted that Xbox has started to refund pre-orders of the game. The game is postponed until an unconfirmed date is established in the future. Also, it would seem that they decided to complete their pre-orders for the game.

There’s no need for fans like Stalker 2 to worry. All this proves that Microsoft has the right to refund pre-ordered games that do not have a definitive release date yet. It led to speculation that there’ll be another delay. Devs are busy now relocating their headquarters to Prague.

We have to postpone the game to 2023 without a precise release date for now, wrote devs. We made announcement at Microsoft Extended show E3 as well as the dev diary and introduce cut scene.

Stalker 2 devs explained it was the first time that Microsoft used to refund orders for its limited duration. The preorders are going to go live again for Xbox, they continued when we announce the exact date of the release. This can’t affect the preorder of computers.

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