Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

During the online broadcast of Disney and Marvel, the studio of Amy Hennig presented the first teaser for the project, which isn’t even given a name yet. The developers discussed the first details at the end.

Since the first World War, the new project is taking place during the Second World War. The battle against the Hydra will be at the centre of the story. There are two cult heroes, Steve Rogers, first captain America and Azzuri, then the ruler of Wakanda and grandfather of TChalla.

There will be 4 characters in this game. We can control Nanali, a spy of Wakanda, and Gabriel Jones, an american soldier from the Nick Furys Roaring Team squad.

The developers reported that the multiplayer component for this unnamed game isn’t planned. The co-op playthrough is entirely story-driven: our four characters will interact, help each other and fight back.

The creators promise to continue the story of the new Skydance new media project in the coming months. No release date or supported platforms have yet been announced.

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