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The characters behave together, but this is a simple project.

The characters are interacting, but it is a project.

The studio of Uncharted creator Amy Hennig is working on a “manifold story” about Captain America and Black Panther during the Second World War. All the characters announced at the game are in order, but there isn’t a co-op here.

Hennig explained in an interview with IGN that he was the first to say that her game can be called cooperative in terms of narration, but in terms of mechanics it isn’t. Apparently the characters will act together, but it won’t work to give one of the heroes one more time.

Here’s another story.

Regardless of what Hennig says, that game will be similar to the Uncharted game. The adventures of Captain America and others will be interesting to follow, not only for the player, but also for those who sit on the same couch with him.

Amy Hennig

game designer

In the case of Uncarted, it happened partly because it was intentional, partly partly caused by a happy accident that people, – that even though they were playing together, had experience with their hands touching the controller.

The award-winning Amy Hennigs game has no release date or title yet.

It’s interesting.

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