Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Journalist Jason Schreier continues to reveal that Glen Scofield was the head of Striking Distance studio. The developers are currently working on their debut project called The Callisto Protocol. The creator and the producer of Dead Space admitted, employees work 6 days a week and 12-15 hours a day. This recognition for many proved that the studio was aiming to accept the expectations of the players. But accusations of crunches were louder and the head made excuses for his words and deleted the outrageous tweet. Jason Schreier, who was one of the first to express his anger, had investigated. She interviewed five Striking Distance employees out of over 200. And their testimony diverged: nobody was necessary to work late, but a number of teams, which includes support services and the audio department, ate nights and weekends to watch December release.

According to Schreier, Scofield has already apologized to his employees and said he spent the weekend thinking. Now he’s sure about the next project, everything’s completely different, and there’ll be no crossages to it.

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