Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

More heroes will be added as time passes. But Overwatch fans got a good surprise when unfinished footage of a new hero called Kiriko appeared on the web. Blizzard was quick to remove the video, so it becomes difficult to find it.

Kirikos name was first revealed in Overwatch 2. This pack wouldn’t only allow access to Kiriko, but it also includes skins, virtual currency and some premium battle pass tiers. As a result, the leak was spreading when information about Kiriko being included in the Watchpoint Pack.

What is the footage?

The unfinished film is in Spanish, and it hasn’t been made in a whole lot of the scenes. We see that our green-haired hero Kiriko talked to various people from the beginning. The Hashimoto clan are pictured after the third and third of the footage, and so Kirikos abilities began to begin to show themselves.

The Hashimoto Klan joins Kirikos kunai, as she goes through a narrow hallway in a deed. A innocent innocent bystander is injured during the chaos, and Kiriko is seen doing something that would otherwise be fatal. Her eyes become pale and she teleports around the hallway, taking down more enemies. At the end of the fight, Kiriko summons spectral torii gates which can help protect certain of the bystanders and allow them to rob the remaining hostiles.

With the healing and recovery, Kiriko is likely to be a support hero who helps her allies. She is likely to be one of the first heroes who will be available in the first year with the launch of Overwatch 2 next year. If she becomes new to the roster, Kiriko is likely to be the 35th shere. Given the planning on release of all kinds of heroes and maps that are planned for Blizzard each year, it will never take the time to get an idea for those who use Kiriko in the game.

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