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Avail the Avatar is a naive of the state in the season 14. In addition to hop-ups, laser attractions and ammo use opportune adjustments, the other gun types play a role. The Bocek Compound Bow and Rampage LMG were moved to the crate, but new favorites like the Volt are more and more as flooring loot. We look into one of the best weapons in the recreation with the Apex Legends Weapon Tier Listing For Season 14.

Apex Legends list of weapons for Season 14 – Season 14 – – – Season 14.

Word: Care bundle guns are all S tier (in spite of Kraber nerfs) so they won’t be incorporated in the record.



A pistol is good too than a weapon, so it is in that state not to be. Whilst this will continue to get higher when you have to pick up hammerpoint rounds, it can still remain a sub-par pick out against almost any other gun within the recreation. The P2020 desperately wishes to get rid of the devil or charge of firelight to return to the C.

Mozambique Shotgun

The Hammerpoint treason threw its harm output off this season’s mucking edge, and a liar for each other in their category, the other ones that are prone to this, are different shotguns of the EVA-8.

The French sabbatical is.

L-STAR AMG is a class of 2 that means that it is a good time to make the job.

The firefighter has been slighted by the light at the time of the season. Other options, higher power guns, and a latte can be purchased on the market, particularly after the explosion introduced out of the Care Bundle.

RE-45 Auto

The RE-45 was unpopular this season, but with the sluggish amendment of the Barrels on Pistols on laser points, it misplaced a lot of its flinch. It isn’t just a complete replicator. You need to spend 30 of the fabrics to make it so easy! That thirty subject matter is best spent in different places.

Alternator SMG

While Alternator is best, it’s not necessary. However, it’s advisable to tweak to an R-99, as opposed to the highest DPS or the highest CAR, the first likelihood that you can get.

Hemlok Anatomy Rifle: The bombs of the earth turn on him

The modern-day artisan-rich thoust like the Hemlok and the Prowler will be hard to resist in a recreation filled with automated firefighters. Then it shells out a large amount of DPS. You’ll get on an Gold Hemlok with your fingers.


While it is an attractive first rate sniper, others like the Rate Rifle and Longbow outclass it. The protection mobile charge-up really helps at its expense, however the decrease fireplace charge punishes the party very closely, even after they pass over.

Triple Take

Power guns actually are much better this season. The Triple Take isn’t necessary now that a G7 Scout can be hit at the flooring and at 30 30 repetitions to the three quarters are given the buffs. On the other hand, the choke integration into Season 6 makes it a right pick even with shorter levels.

Get the busier!

Prowler squatter PDW!

The Prowler isn’t a gun-fired weapon – it’s a super-wrap if you want to throw the weapon up. The difference between bursts varies from the Hemlok rate to the burst fireplace gun. In this time, there is a lot of high SMGs in Apex Legends.

Havoc Rifle

After quite a few buffs in Season 13, the Havoc rifle is now in a significantly better condition. The faster the flinch, the bigger the mag, which makes it a tricky tool to choose between different power guns. On the other hand, the Havoc certainly wants a turbocharger to make it more easily pick out.

R-99 SMG

The R-99 is certainly an issue of barels being changed through Laser Points of interest. Even this gun’s electric shock, and 30 meters of the speed of speed are absolutely harmless. The lose of barrels signifies that avid gamers will want to follow more on their footballs.

Devotion LMG

A third-generation master noticed a Devotion pass into the Crafter this season. Probably the deadliest LMGs nowadays, the Devotion is held over to it by its tedious wind-up time and top flinch. As a result, if you lose the balance in the second place, it’s not worth the blame.

Rate Rifle

The Rate Rifle has remained a great pick-out for snipers for a long time now and is always the same. Both great nerfs will have success on hittingcan snipers with loss of bullet drop and long-range harm output that stays there in the A-tier. To one hand, the beam runs temporarily, and it gives an instantaneous direction to your enemies. There is no such issue as the Longbow DMR, but the tarp, to give an extra edge, it’s a low cost utility.

30-30 repetitioner

The 30-Zene repeater continues to look like it is noticed by those avid gamers. Even though the rifle’s power is low, the 30-30 brings a lot of harm. This rifle is more and more flexible and very effective for all levels of the gun. The weapon requires great precision, however, the weapons are capable of incompetent.

EVA-8 Auto

The EVA-8 got huge buffs this season, with an extension of flinch, fireplace charge, and pellets causing harm. The double-faucet re-introduction has increased the uncooked harm output of the shooting rifle. The gun is significantly better in comparison to the previous season. On the other hand, the Peacekeeper sill outclasses the EVA-8 en termes of shotguns.

A-Tier has joined forces.


The CAR is likely the most moderen additions to SMGs, but the DPS is comparable to different SMGs like R-99 and Alternator. The truth that it might probably use each Gentle and Heavy Ammo gives it a wide amount of flexibility as a secondary weapon. On the other hand, the loss of Barrels this season shrewd the gun out of the S-tier in season 14.

Longbow DMR

The Longbow is a really robust sniper rifle with a great firepower and no damage output. Even though it’s not used on a scope, the view of the longbow’s iron field is very transparent. A Skullpiercer can be used to add some headshot harm multiplier to the sniper.

M600 Spitfire

That beast of an LMG came back here during Season 13 or even with nerfs stays a forged pick out. The increase in depth and the lower damage makes up its slower fireplace charge for different LMGs. However, the loss of flinch rules certainly drives the Spitfire back a little.

G7 Scout

The G7 Scouts were introduced in the care bundle this season. A marksman weapon is made from an upper charge of the G7, combined with the benefit of use. Whilst its harm could still be limited to the 30-30 Repeater, it’s a relatively constant gun. Add a Double-Faucet Cause and a wide-range scope for this weapon to the fact that it’s fatal.


There are many rifles in the sands of the Apex legend. And its damage at the expense of all, makes it devastating at a detail. The whole of 9 pellets in line with shot, blended with the headshot multiplier method double-shot almost any participant in the recreation (otherwise for a pink protect). On the other hand, what stands to be, is that it isn’t instupid.

S-Tier is a s-tier.

VK-47 Flatline

The Flatline isn’t just one of the highest attack rifles, but as of today, one of the most fantastic weapons of Apex Legends. No matter the kind of decrease that occurs, the weapons have to be chosen, and then you have to change that to a flexible weapon, and also the power to fire with the standard setting. There are numerous high-end mendacity rounds, especially those with high ammo utilization in seasons 14.

Volt SMG

The Volt SMG has been taken out of the care bundle this season and has earned the reputation of avid gamers. While he is not as tough as his former self on the subject of harm, the Volt continues to have a roof power, predictable flinch, and in reality, is just as accurate as a hipfire weapon.

R-301 Carbine

The R-301, one more good example for a rifle with a better DPS, a lower heat pump and a relatively small flinch. That weapon can be flexible as the flatline, with a quiet fireplace, making it comfortable for long-range fighting.


The Wingman is a well-liked pick from Apex. Many of the users take into account the value of the scales of an individual. On the other hand, it may be difficult to take care of more moderen avid gamers. If you wish to take up the Wingman, you need to be scarily correct. The exchange of heavy and sniper ammo has, at the same time, harmed the firearm less. Sniper ammo is available in stacks of 14 or 28 which take up much more stock than when the WIngman used heavy ammo. As for our goal recreation, the Wingman is a good pick out.


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