Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

This week has passed, so we have finally arrived in the weekend. If you are working or studying this is the best time to switch off, relax and dive into fantastic virtual worlds. We ask ourselves: What are you going to do this weekend, the week of 10 September 2022?

The main feature of the week was Splatoon 3. The multiplayer series for the Nintendo Switch returns with a new, largely solid chapter that introduces many improvements to its formula, without changing it. Somehow, the development teams approach was perhaps a little too cautious, and the leap in quality that would have allowed the game to make its mark is missing. If you want to know more, here is our splatoon 3 review.

Basketball lovers should be busy these days with NBA 2K23. One of the new books is the Jordan Challenge mode. It allows us to relive the iconic moments of Michael Jordan’s career. Seasons return, with new rewards, music and challenges for players to compete and win.

The launch of Steelrising is less exciting. The giant story of Spiders and Nacon conceived as an alternative French Revolution that consisted of automated warfare proved a game below expectations, since it was a woody combat system and a poorly designed level design, we explained.

We got to the return of the open world action biomutant, in which a next-gen version will be developed for PS5 and Xbox 360, and a new-gen version for S.A. Cross Duel is a new iteration of Konamis card game with special rules in which only 4 players duell at the same time. This is our preview, if you want to know more about it.

Will you play one of the titles released this weekend? So that you can recover the match from the backlog.

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