Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

Ashen Slayer Sylas is a brand new pores and skin coming to League of Legends.

New skins are the one method to customise champions’ in-game look in League of Legends. Skins and Chromas permit gamers to get a glimpse into the League of Legends lore, or alternate variations of it, and alter up the seems of their favourite characters.

The Ashen pores and skin line is a controversial one, as many complain the pores and skin line has solely gotten worse as they launch new skins.

Picture courtesy of Riot Video games

Everybody compares these skins to Pyke. Sylas is fairly shut and has some cool options, however Pyke was the very best of the very best.

The Ashen Slayer Sylas is predicted to be out there for Mythic Essence. The pores and skin is predicted to value 100 ME.

Ashen Slayer Sylas has hit the PTR and is predicted to launch when the Mythic Store refreshes subsequent.

Ashen Slayer Sylas will be capable of be bought via the League of Legends Store within the League of Legends Consumer upon launch. Gamers will even be capable of get the pores and skin via Pores and skin Shards, via the identical luck system used to acquire some other pores and skin in League of Legends.

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