Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

At the moment, in Lucasfilms’ D23 section, it was revealed that Tales of the Jedi might be launched solely on Disney+ beginning this October. The six shorts which can full the entire sequence will comply with Ahsokas coaching to grow to be a Jedi and the Depend Dookus will fall to the acute within the Clone Wars period.

As of the trailer, we see Ahsoka coaching to grow to be a Jedi Grasp by sparring with a person group of clone troopers lead by Anakin Skywalker. Dooku was seen as a path of turning into a Sith-born man and being repeatedly warned by Qui-Gon Jinn and Mace Windu.

Different characters talked about within the trailer have been Obi-Wan, Bail Organa, somebody which is ponda-baba or that may be a particular person of the identical nature, Yoda, Yaddle and even a brand new Inquisitor. Though the Inquisitor is totally different from the Clone Wars and Obi-Wan, that also has the identical double-sided purple lightsaber.

There’s additionally a brief battle sequence that flashes just a few seconds at a time on the display. Among the many fights Yaddle and her inexperienced lightsaber battling on the soon-to-be Sith Lord, Depend Dooku nonetheless with a inexperienced lightsaber.

Whereas not recognized what goes into Dooku and Ahsoka already, it’ll be attention-grabbing to see how they walked in several instructions and destinies.

Right here is the official movie of Tales of the Jedi that appeared on the web page 2 at this time. Tales of the Jedi goes on present on Disney later this month, on Oct. 26.

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