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A Full Information To Luggage

Storage is a valuable commodity in New World. Each merchandise you acquire will weigh a certain quantity of models and take up house in your characters stock or storage sheds present in every settlement. As you get additional into New World, storage rapidly turns into a problem that you will want to resolve.

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Luggage are one such technique to take care of storage woes, rising the encumbrance threshold in your character. These luggage, identical to different objects, additionally include perks that make them rather more efficient at storing items. On this information, we’ll be taking a look at why you need to take into account making luggage, how one can craft them, the place to search out Runes of Holding, and among the greatest perks yow will discover on luggage.


We up to date this information on September 22, 2022, forward of the upcoming Brimstone Sands growth. This new replace consists of Legendary Luggage, 600 Gear Rating luggage that include a large number of latest perks, together with Mote affiliation. Extra on that under. This information is targeted totally on luggage themselves, not on storing objects. For a extra in-depth take a look at storage, see our New World storage information.

Legendary Luggage – Brimstone Sands Enlargement

Forward of the upcoming Brimstone Sands growth, which provides a brand new area, quests, objects, and extra, we’re going to focus on the brand-new Legendary Luggage which have been added to the PTR.

Here is a quick rundown of what these luggage imply for you:

  • Legendary Luggage are 600 GS objects with 5 perks, that is elevated from three perks on the present Uncommon luggage we have all been utilizing for some time now.
  • Perks are the identical, however now you can roll with as much as 5 perks. On strange luggage, 400-500 GS, perks don’t stack. This has modified. Now you can roll a bag that has two perks from the identical set alternative of perks, so one thing like a bag that rolls Additional Pockets, Luck, and Weaver’s and Tanner’s Burden.
  • That is nice information as a result of it decreases the necessity to have as many units of luggage for various duties, in case you are a min-maxxing participant with full kits.
  • There may be additionally a brand new perk at 600 Gear Rating that’s assured Lasting Consumption. This makes potions, hones, and many others final for 17% longer. Proper now, these at the moment stack! Which means operating three legendary luggage will actually lower down in your consumable prices.

How To Craft Legendary Luggage

Legendary Luggage are costly.

  • x45 Runic Leather-based
  • x25 Phoenixweave
  • x10 Asmodeum
  • x1 Grand Rune Of Holding
Armoring Degree

As you may see, they require loads of high-level supplies, together with Asmodeum. Additionally, you will want to start out grinding these faction quests to get your fingers on extra Grand Runes of Holding – these will skyrocket in worth when the growth drops. Should you’re in the best place on the proper time, you need to have the ability to make some huge cash on crafting them. You need to try our Armoring Information to see how one can get your ability as much as 200 asap.

Why Luggage Are Essential

Past leveling your Power attribute, luggage are the one approach you may enhance your character’s carry weight in New World, so this can be very essential you equip the strongest luggage doable. If you have not gotten very far in New World, this sport locations main emphasis on gathering supplies and crafting. It is not unusual to hold 100+ models value of ore, wooden, or different supplies. The extra high-quality luggage you could have, the higher your leveling and crafting experiences might be.

You may equip as much as three luggage in New World. Every bag slot is unlocked on the following ranges:

  • Bag Slot #1: 5
  • Bag Slot #2: 30
  • Bag Slot #3: 45

You will get one bag at no cost throughout early-game questing. Excluding the Gator Bag, you may must both craft or buy extra luggage.

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Bag Storage Capability

Like all the things else in New World, luggage are available numerous tiers that decide how efficient they’re at storing gear. Increased-tier luggage can carry much more storage however are more durable to craft. Gear Rating impacts your bag’s storage capability. For instance, a T5 Infused Leather-based Adventurer’s Satchel can carry 300 models of products at Gear Rating 500. Should you get the identical bag with a Gear Rating of 600, it may carry 360 models as a substitute. Luggage may include perks that improve their storage capabilities (defined later).

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Under is a desk showcasing the storage capability of each bag in New World. Credit score to nwdb for the next data.




Tier Degree
Worn Traveler’s Satchel 50 2 0
Coarse Lether Adventurer’s Satchel 100-120 2 5
Rugged Leather-based Adventurer’s Satchel 150-180 3 20
Layered Leather-based Adventurer’s Satchel 225-265 4 40
Gator Leather-based Satchel 255 4 40
Infused Leather-based Adventurer’s Satchel 300-360 5 60
Be aware: New World’s database lists porter duffel luggage as a bag kind. These are at the moment unobtainable and won’t be talked about on this information.

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How To Craft Each Bag In New World

Presently, there are 4 completely different luggage you may craft in New World. The Worn Traveler’s Satchel and Gator Leather-based Satchel are each obtained from quests—”Inspecting the Items” and “Ebonscale Alligators” respectively. Crafting luggage would require that you have leveled your Armoring commerce ability. The supplies and Armoring necessities for every bag are listed under.

Coarse Leather-based Bag

  • x45 T2 Leather-based
  • x25 Material
  • x10 Steel
  • x1 Minor Rune of Holding
Armoring Degree

Rugged Leather-based Bag

  • x45 T3 Leather-based
  • x25 Material
  • x10 Steel
  • x1 Main Rune of Holding
Armoring Degree

Layered Leather-based Bag

  • x45 T4 Leather-based
  • x25 Material
  • x10 Steel
  • x1 Higher Rune of Holding
Armoring Degree

Infused Leather-based Bag

  • x45 T5 Leather-based
  • x25 Material
  • x10 Steel
  • x1 Grand Rune of Holding
Armoring Degree

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How To Acquire Runes Of Holding

Runes of Holding are offered by your faction vendor. Increased tier runes are locked behind sure ranks in your faction, and so they value extra faction tokens and coin. Every Rune of Holding prices the next:

Rune Price & Rank
Minor Rune of Holding
  • Rank: 1
  • Faction Tokens: 1,000
  • Coin: 250
Main Rune of Holding
  • Rank: 2
  • Faction Tokens: 3,000
  • Coin: 500
Higher Rune of Holding
  • Rank: 3
  • Faction Tokens: 5,000
  • Coin: 1,000
Grand Rune of Holding
  • Rank: 4
  • Faction Tokens: 7,000
  • Coin: 1,500

For extra data on factions, try our New World factions information.

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The Greatest Bag Perks

Identical to your different objects, luggage can include perks that improve their capabilities in a roundabout way. Most bag-related perks will both cut back the burden of sure commerce ability objects or give a flat increase to your bag’s storage capability. By far the very best bag perk is Additional Pockets. This perk grants a various increase to your bag’s storage capability, the energy of which relies on your bag’s Gear Rating. Additional Pockets grants wherever from +50-95 additional encumbrance.

Past that, preserve a watch out for “Burden” perks. These perks cut back the burden of sure gathering occupation supplies by 5-10%. For instance, a Lumberjack Burden perk reduces the burden of wooden, timber, and logging axes by 5-10%. If you will get three luggage with the identical perk, this may cut back the burden of sure objects by as a lot as 30%, synergizing nicely with Additional Pockets.

There’s yet another perk value mentioning: Azoth Attuned. This perk will increase how a lot Azoth you achieve by 3-4.8%. Since Azoth is required to quick journey and craft perks in New World, it is not a foul concept to have one or two luggage with this perk. Additional Pockets and Burden perks are extra impactful for uncooked storing, however should you aren’t hounding for space for storing, Azoth Attuned is a wonderful different.

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