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How To Play The United Islands Of Mirelva In Brigandine: The Legend Of Runersia

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  • Who Are The United Islands Of Mirelva?

Whereas most nations in Brigandine: The Legend Of Runersia are previous and venerable establishments, The United Isles of Mirelva are a motley assortment of pirate islands, coalescing to type a singular nation. They’re a good marketing campaign alternative for novices and have one of many extra distinctive faction themes.

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A charismatic chief makes for a enjoyable marketing campaign, though you’ll have to struggle your method by a few of the hardest enemies in Runersia as a way to declare victory. This information will clarify who The United Isles of Mirelva are, their major strengths and weaknesses, and a few recommendation on learn how to play them within the early sport.


Who Are The United Islands Of Mirelva?

The continued conflict in Runersia has stirred up the blood of Mirelva’s pirates, and led by the steadfast and energetic Stella Hamett, they search to lastly acquire a foothold within the continent. A descendant of the legendary Captain Hamett, Stella was nominated by her father to steer the Isles into conflict. Every of the seven islands proposes a candidate, and a chairperson is determined by the pirate scion council, who unanimously voted for Stella, because of her bravery in battle and confidence in management. She, due to this fact, dons the Brigandine of Ego and journeys forth to do battle.

A decently giant landmass offers you a reasonably cozy beginning location, and the linear nature of your settlement placements makes them very simple to defend, as you wouldn’t have to cowl a number of assault choices.

You start with seven beginning settlements, and your capital can be Saint Gladia. Hidden away behind your exterior bases, it’s simple very simple to defend, and when taking part in because the Isles you shouldn’t fear an excessive amount of about being attacked, which leaves you to free to focus on offense.

Led by Stella, who’s eager to lastly assert Mirelva’s proper to lands and mainland territory, you’ll first be tasked with defeating both The Mana Saleesia Theocracy, the biggest and strongest Brigandine nation, or The Holy Gustava Empire, one more robust foe. The excellent news is that these are the one enemies you’ll have to fear about for a very long time, as the opposite nations are hidden behind them to the West.

Regardless of being an amazing character, Stella is de facto nothing particular on the battlefield. Common stats and skills imply she isn’t an computerized alternative for spearheading your assaults. She does have an amazing skill in Allure, which can assist you to seize enemy monsters after their Rune Knight retreats from battle. With 14 Rune Knights, you will have loads of alternate options, and the strongest is actually Umimaru, who possesses the distinctive Automaton class. He options the strongest AoE transfer in all the sport, with Umimaru Cannon 2.0. This can assist you to utterly nuke enemy armies, so investing assets to get Umimaru leveled is a superb choice. Different first rate Rune Knights alongside Stella and Umimaru can be Ginny, Pluto, and Adieu, who you should use to increase whereas questing together with your lower-level characters as a way to construct their energy.

Your fourteen beginning Rune Knights are:

Rune Knight Class Beginning Stage
Stella Hamett Captain 15
Pluto Sorcerer 15
Adieu Berserker 18
Ginny Viking 22
Umimaru Automaton 15
Lucia Temple Knight 10
Ratka Hunter 5
Sophie Enchantress 1
Lorenzo Bishop 12
Tommy Ranger 10
Robilio Barbarian 8
Sherad Thief 8
Gallivard Berserker 12
Viggo Monk 8

Early Recreation Ideas

Your go-to beginning route is to rapidly invade each Vestillis and Drowarn, which will provide you with extra territory however not enhance the variety of lively frontline bases. Then, attempt to proceed to seize each Norbas and Zagust to the North East. Invading the Holy Gustava Empire is an effective alternative, because the Mana Saleesia Theocracy is often pretty busy preventing off different threats and can normally simply defend their borders with out aggressing yours. A fast begin is necessary, as you might be nicely positioned to say some simple new bases, and you’ve got the beginning Rune Knight ranges to not want to take a seat and consolidate.

Pushing your by the North is usually fairly protected, as till you attain the Norzaleo Kingdom, you will not encounter any new enemies. Nevertheless, tackling the Mana Saleesia Theocracy may be tough, relying on how highly effective they’ve grow to be. Attempt to use hit-and-run techniques to tug their troops in all places, as you’ll have the benefit of with the ability to assault from a number of angles. Their chief, Rudo Marco, may be very robust, and except Stella has a big degree benefit, she may wrestle to duel him on the sport’s increased issue settings.

As with each faction in Brigandine: The Legend Of Runersia, you’ll be able to spam recruit the Elemental monsters into your armies. These are extraordinarily overpowered, and by repeating their Prism Shot skill, you may simply defeat any enemy. Whereas it’s actually highly effective, you’ll most likely have extra enjoyable by mixing and matching the completely different out there monsters into your armies.

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