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A Information To Each Bearded Axe In Murderer’s Creed Valhalla

Bearded axes are weapons that had been favored by many real-life Vikings again within the day—and are equally favorites amongst various Murderer’s Creed Valhalla gamers. They often make good decisions for individuals who want a extra balanced setup, in addition to for individuals who recognize flexibility and velocity.

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Not solely do these weapons permit for an agile, versatile fashion of preventing, however being lighter one-handed weapons implies that Eivor may have a hand free for helpful instruments like shields, daggers, and hammers alongside it. They make a pleasant complement to numerous different weapons and shields. As such, they permit Eivor to hack at enemies pretty swiftly and effectively. However which bearded axe is best for you? Here’s a information to all of them.


Up to date September 17, 2022 By Ben Jessey: On the subject of weapons in Murderer’s Creed Valhalla, bearded axes are a number of the most enjoyable to make use of. In spite of everything, they’re usually balanced weapons which might be fairly quick and deal out a good quantity of injury.

On this information, we gave you details about every of the bearded axes within the sport so you might select which was best for you. Nevertheless, since then, the Daybreak Of Ragnarok DLC has come out and added one other one in all these axes to the sport. Thus, we have now additionally added it to our assortment.

Raider Axe

The wonderful thing about the Raider Axe is that you do not have to go on a wild goose chase or plunder for it. It’s already able to go in your stock firstly of the sport. The stats for this weapon are on the tepid facet, but it surely’s nonetheless a greater choice than entering into swinging together with your naked mitts.

This Raven axe was made for velocity, and its assault is pretty excessive given its weapon sort and early-game availability. This provides it a form of versatility that makes it versatile for a lot of kinds of fights; one amongst many helpful ideas for brand new gamers. Gamers could be tempted to ditch it as they progress, however this axe can nonetheless be fairly enough pretty deep into the sport with upgrades. Actually, bumping all of it the way in which to Legendary standing will improve its assault to a decent 102.

The perk is favorable for fighters who like to combine issues up with combos—as it’ll improve heavy injury after dealing mild injury, and it resets when you land a heavy assault.

Base Stats

Assault: 46
Stun: 45
Pace: 54
Crit-Pre: (vital hit probability) 47
Weight: 10

Varin’s Axe

Varin’s Axe could be discovered very early within the sport as it’s a reward for finishing the primary story quest known as Honor Sure. This takes place in Rygjafylke, Norway, and requires you to struggle a straightforward boss named Rikiwulf. As soon as he’s defeated and also you free your clan from the Longhouse, this weapon will likely be added to your stock.

Many select to wield this Bear-aligned weapon for sentimental or nostalgic causes because it was Eivor’s father’s axe. However whereas one may assume it will not fairly maintain up since it’s supplied so early, Varin’s Axe turns into one of many higher weapons within the sport when upgraded. It additionally has a helpful perk that will increase your velocity after every profitable hit as much as ten occasions.

This may help shift momentum in your favor slightly shortly, as Eivor will speed up a bit in velocity till hitting a frenzy of swift weapon swings. It is notably nice for warding off bigger gaggles of enemies, and for individuals who favor a faster, hack-and-slash fashion of play.

Base Stats

Assault: 60
Stun: 60
Pace: 48
Crit-Pre: (vital hit probability) 49
Weight: 12

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Housecarl’s Axe

The Housecarl’s Axe is a superior bearded axe that, underneath the suitable circumstances, can actually support you in slaying even a few of these powerful Zealots early. This Wolf-aligned weapon could be acquired by venturing into Grantebridgescire. It’s in a location known as Utbech Camp and it may be discovered alongside the Nice Ouse River within the higher proper center of the area. You must discover the guard who has the important thing after which you’ll be able to unlock the door to the central hut the place the chest with this weapon resides.

It’s usually debated whether or not Housecarl’s Axe or Varin’s Axe is healthier for making an overpowered character, and the decision is that they’re so related there is not a lot distinction. Each can actually complement an OP Eivor when upgraded a number of occasions. The perk for this weapon is that Eivor’s assault injury will improve after every hit as much as ten occasions. On condition that this may ramp up all the way in which to a further +15 assault, this axe can actually inflict some ache at a reasonably fast tempo.

Base Stats

Assault: 50
Stun: 50
Pace: 50
Crit-Pre: (vital hit probability) 47
Weight: 11

Fyrd Axe

The Fyrd Axe could be acquired in a spot known as Jorvik, particularly Foresti’s Relaxation within the southern a part of this space. There’s a massive constructing you’ll have to enter, however the location is pleasant so you will not need to fend off any opponents whilst you retrieve it.

In case you look behind a partition, there will likely be a movable object the place the hot button is situated. Subsequent, you need to climb up into the rafters to succeed in the chest, and unlocking it’ll add this stout weapon to your stock. The perk is not as nice as a number of the different bearded axes, however its potent assault energy largely makes up for this.

The Bear-aligned weapon will increase vital assault injury when Eivor has low well being. Survivalists thus will not get an excessive amount of out of this—however those that prefer to stay on the sting or discover themselves in harmful conditions will be capable to excel with the axe. Disregarding its below-average velocity at the very least, this is without doubt one of the finest bearded axes Valhalla has to supply.

Base Stats

Assault: 67
Stun: 66
Pace: 47
Crit-Pre: (vital hit probability) 51
Weight: 12

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A fan-favorite axe in Murderer’s Creed Valhalla is the aptly named Bear-Claw, and it might probably solely be acquired by shopping for the Season Go for the sport. It opens up your world to discover Paris and Eire and acquire entry to different goodies and quests. Nevertheless, if these added areas do not curiosity you, it’s in all probability not value it to splurge on the Season Go only for this merchandise—nice as it might be.

The perk is sort of nifty as consuming a ration will briefly improve your assault, which is ideal when preventing legendary animals and different stronger, beefier foes. It is also fairly useful as its assault energy is not actually as much as snuff in comparison with most of its ilk, although it’s fairly swift. It is form of an inversion of the Fyrd Axe.

Base Stats

Assault: 45
Stun: 47
Pace: 55
Crit-Pre: (vital hit probability) 47
Weight: 10

Thunderer Axe

Added to the Valhalla fold by means of the Taranis Pack, this electrified axe is fittingly modeled and named after the Celtic God of Thunder, Taranis, and is a standout merchandise amongst a stout Taranis-themed armor pack. This legendary Wolf axe not solely seems cool, but it surely additionally has the ability to again it up—together with a uniquely amusing perk.

When totally upgraded, this weapon stands as one of the vital lethal weapons within the sport. Whereas it tends to behave a bit extra like a two-handed weapon with its gradual velocity, its super-charged assault and stun energy are second-to-none and it turns Eivor right into a killing machine. This disruptive axe turns into much more devastating when a foe’s defensive slots are whittled away.

It’s because its perk allows stun to extend from +15.0 to a whopping +75.0 relying on the protection slots on the goal. This makes it the go-to bearded axe for more durable baddies like Elites, Cavalry, and Zealots. It is also unusually mild, making it a pleasant journey merchandise for Eivor, and negating a few of its mediocre velocity.

Stats (totally upgraded)

Assault: 128
Stun: 169
Pace: 57
Crit-Pre: (vital hit probability) 96
Weight: 6

Jotnar Cleaver

There are a number of nice DLC weapons in Valhalla, and the Jotnar Cleaver is among the many finest. You will get your palms on it if you happen to obtain the massive Daybreak Of Ragnarok growth. However that is not all you could do. You additionally should first defeat all of the Suttungr’s Outriders to get and equip their Jotnar armor. With the armor, you’ll be able to enter the portal on the Midalstifla dam and struggle the secret boss there. Defeat them to amass the axe.

So, it is a number of work, but it surely’s value it, because the Jotnar Cleaver is arguably one of the best bearded axe within the sport. For starters, the weapon’s assault and stun stats are wonderful. Its vital probability is not dangerous both. Plus, the weapon’s perk implies that whenever you hit somebody, you’ve got bought an opportunity at recovering some adrenaline, which is a pleasant bonus.

Stats (totally upgraded)

Assault: 171
Stun: 54
Pace: 209
Crit-Pre: (vital hit probability) 130
Weight: 6

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