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All Character Places On Day Two Of Wayward Strand

The second day of Wayward Strand introduces new characters because the employees prepares for an essential go to.

The second day of Casey’s weekend in Wayward Strand options extra interactions between the sufferers and employees on board the floating hospital. Not solely are there new faces round, however everybody is a little more lively; many characters will spend time away from their standard location.

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Day Two is busiest of the three, that means there’s loads to see on a second or third playthrough. If you happen to’re unsure the place anyone has run off to, this information will allow you to monitor everybody’s path all through this hectic Saturday. Whose tales will you comply with?

Characters’ motion from place to position will be barely delayed, normally after they cease to speak with Casey or in the event that they’re ready for an additional character’s dialog to complete. In consequence, all occasions on this information are approximate.

This information incorporates minor spoilers.


In contrast to the primary day, you are capable of freely discover from the second you step off the elevator, at 8:30 sharp. Firstly of the day:

  • Lily, Joe, Ruth, and Dr. Shen assemble on the nurses’ station for a telephone assembly with Mr. Pettigrew.
  • Ida, Mr. Avery, and Dr. Bouchard are all of their rooms.
  • Esther is within the cafeteria, however instantly begins strolling towards the TV room.
  • Tomi is in Mr. Pruess’s room unattended.
  • Mr. Pruess and Ted are within the lounge.


  • Esther arrives on the TV room and activates the information.


  • The employees assembly ends. Ruth and Physician Shen depart for the Normal Ward, and Lily goes downstairs to examine on Dr. Bouchard.


  • Lily wraps up her dialog with Dr. Bouchard and returns to the nurses’ station.


  • Joe goes to the lounge to deliver Mr. Pruess again to his room.


  • Joe finds Tomi in Mr. Pruess’s room. Mr. Pruess lets her keep, and Joe heads towards Mr. Avery’s room.


  • Joe leaves Mr. Avery’s room and returns to the nurses’ station. He and Lily have a quick dialog, then he goes towards Mr. Falk’s room.
  • Esther stops watching TV and makes her approach towards Mr. Avery’s room for her interview.


  • Joe arrives in Mr. Falk’s room, however decides in opposition to cleansing it out and leaves the empty field for later. If you happen to converse to him on the nurses’ station or encounter him within the halls after this level, he asks Casey to empty out the room for him.


  • Lily leaves the nurses’ station to talk to Devin on the cafeteria dumbwaiter, then goes to Mr. Pruess’s room to offer him lunch.


  • Esther leaves Mr. Avery’s room and returns to her personal.
  • Ted leaves the lounge and goes to the cafeteria to talk with Devin, then sips his espresso in entrance of the decrease ground elevator. If he did not present you his secret break room on Day One, that is your likelihood to study it.


  • Lily leaves Mr. Pruess’s room and returns to the nurses’ station.


  • Ted enters the deserted crew quarters.
  • Mr Avery overhears a dialog on the nurses’ station.
  • Ida leaves her room and heads towards Tomi’s room.


  • Ida arrives at Tomi’s room and finds she is not there, then begins strolling towards the nurses’ station.
  • Mr. Avery strikes up a dialog with Devin through the cafeteria intercom and orders his lunch.
  • Esther begins strolling towards the cafeteria.

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  • Ida inquires about Tomi’s whereabouts on the nurses’ station.
  • Esther orders her lunch within the cafeteria.
  • Ted leaves his hiding place to make the afternoon shuttle run.


  • Ida picks up Tomi from Mr. Pruess’s room and the 2 of them head towards the cafeteria.
  • Joe arrives at Mr. Pruess’s room to assist him into his wheelchair and convey him to the cafeteria.
  • Esther sits down with Mr. Avery they usually begin gossiping.


  • Lily arrives at Dr. Bouchard’s room to take her to the cafeteria.


  • Dr. Bouchard and Mr. Pruess have a dialog by the cafeteria window. Mr. Avery sits on the chessboard close by to eavesdrop.


  • Esther calls Lily over to her cafeteria desk and requests a wheelchair.
  • Joe makes an attempt to take Tomi again to her room, however Ida insists on letting her keep within the cafeteria somewhat longer.


  • Joe begins wheeling Mr. Pruess towards his room.
  • Lily begins wheeling Dr. Bouchard again to her room.
  • Ida, Mr. Avery, and Tomi depart the cafeteria and have a dialog in entrance of the elevator.


  • Mr. Avery returns to his room.
  • Ida helps Tomi again to her room.
  • Lily returns to the nurses’ station.


  • Ida drops Tomi off and begins heading again to her personal room.
  • Mr. Avery continues engaged on his new ebook in his room.
  • Joe returns to the cafeteria and is confronted by Esther.


  • Mr. Pettigrew, the hospital director, arrives on the nurses’ station and talks to Lily. Mr. Avery eavesdrops on the dialog.
  • Joe will get a wheelchair to deliver Esther again to her room.


  • Mr. Pettigrew goes to his workplace. This is likely one of the few occasions you’ll be able to go to him there, somewhat than merely eavesdropping.


  • Joe heads towards the break room for his half-hour.
  • Tomi begins caring for her crops.
  • Ruth and Dr. Shen have a dialog of their shared workplace.


  • Ruth calls the nurses’ station to examine in with Lily.
  • Joe is named away from his break early to assist in the Normal Ward.
  • Mr. Avery visits Esther in her room, then goes to see Mr. Pruess.


  • Mr. Avery returns to Esther’s room.


  • Mr. Avery returns to his room.
  • Lily fetches Mr. Pruess’s dinner within the cafeteria.
  • Mr. Pettigrew spends a while within the cafeteria.


  • Ted returns to his hideout within the deserted crew quarters, and works on his comedian.
  • Mr. Pettigrew chats with Joe on the nurses’ station, then returns to his workplace.


  • Joe arrives at Mr. Pruess’s room to deliver him to his assembly in Mr. Pettigrew’s workplace. Lily calls Mr. Pettigrew to let him know they’re coming.


  • Tomi goes to take a seat in Mr. Falk’s previous room. If you happen to watch her enter, you’ll be able to hear her sigh as she appears to be like across the room – one of many few sounds she makes in your complete sport.
  • Mr. Pruess and Mr. Pettigrew start their assembly.


  • Mr. Pettigrew concludes his assembly with Mr. Pruess and pages Joe to come back and fetch him.


  • Joe drops Mr. Pruess off within the lounge and returns to the nurses’ station. Mr. Pruess notes that Joe put the unsuitable report on the music participant, and if you happen to sit with him you’ll be able to change it.


  • Lily and Joe attempt to get last-minute prep for tomorrow executed on the nurses’ station. Joe affords to take over Lily’s rounds in order that she will keep on the desk.
  • Mr. Pettigrew berates Lily on the nurses’ station, then returns to his workplace.


  • Joe visits Mr. Avery in his room.
  • Lily begins sweeping the hallway close to the nurses’ station.


  • Joe visits Ida in her room, then goes to examine on Tomi.


  • Joe returns Tomi to her room.
  • Ruth calls the nurses’ station, asking Lily to web page Casey. If you happen to’re not on the nurses’ station by round 5:50, Lily calls you on the PA system, ending the day.

Throughout the end-of-day cutscene, Ruth will all the time inform you that you just’re doing a foul job, no matter what you’ve got or have not executed over the past two days. Do not let it get to you, since there’s nothing you are able to do to alter her thoughts.

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