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On the lookout for the reply for Squirdle at present? Nicely, you’re in the fitting spot. On this information, we give you the reply for at present’s puzzle, and, what’s extra, we’ll hold this text up to date each single day. So, in the event you’re an everyday Squirdle participant, we suggest bookmarking this web page and checking again ceaselessly. That method, you’ll get the reply proper each single day.

Squirdle is a Wordle-like every day puzzle recreation that swaps phrases for Pokémon. Every day, it’s a must to guess a selected Pokémon from a database, with every guess offering you with clues that can assist you slender down the right one. You’ll be taught whether or not or not your Pokémon shares any attributes, together with gen, kind, top, and weight, with an arrow serving to you establish if the variety of the attribute is greater or decrease than the right one. If that clarification is unhealthy, have a play and it is best to get an thought.

You’ll be able to play Squirdle proper here. We additionally cowl a bunch of Wordle-like every day puzzle video games, so in the event you fancy enjoying one thing related, make certain to take a look at Quordle at present, Semantle at present, Weaver at present, LoLdle at present, and Nerdle at present.

What Is Squirdle?

Squirdle is a Wordle-like every day puzzle recreation that challenges you to guess a selected Pokémon each single day. In case you like Wordle however are a a lot greater fan of cute monsters than phrases, you’ll completely find it irresistible.

How Does It Work?

Guess a Pokémon and Squirdle gives you some suggestions that can assist you slender right down to the right reply. You’ll learn the way your Pokémon compares to the right reply in accordance with these attributes:

  • Gen, together with whether or not it’s greater or decrease
  • Sort 1
  • Sort 2
  • Peak, together with whether or not it’s greater or decrease
  • Weight, together with whether or not it’s greater or decrease

Utilizing this info, it’s a must to try to guess the right Pokémon inside seven guesses, or it’s recreation over.

Squirdle Ideas and Tips

  • Simply guess: Don’t overthink your first guess, as you simply wish to get some info to go on. So simply decide a Pokémon and go from there.
  • Pokédex: It’s price maintaining a Pokédex useful so you possibly can test primary details about the Pokémon you’re guessing, together with, maybe vitally, the peak and weight info.

Squirdle Right now Reply

Lastly, right here’s the reply for at present’s Squirdle problem:

  • September 23: POLTEAGEIST

Earlier Squirdle Solutions

  • September 22: PALPITOAD
  • September 21: GLOOM
  • September 20: SNORLAX
  • September 19: PALPITOAD
  • September 18: RHYPERIOR
  • September 17: AXEW
  • September 16: OSHAWOTT
  • September 15: QUILAVA
  • September 14: GLACEON
  • September 13: BLISSEY
  • September 12: DREEPY
  • September 10: ELECTABUZZ
  • September 9: OMANYTE
  • September 8: GARBODOR
  • September 7: TREVENANT
  • September 6: BOLTUND
  • September 5: EXEGGCUTE
  • September 4: CARNIVINE
  • September 3: NATU

And that may do it for our Squirdle at present information. Make sure that to seize it by way of the hyperlinks on the prime of this web page, try our different guides linked within the third paragraph, and bookmark this web page and test again every day for extra options.

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