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Ideas And Methods For Fight In Temtem

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  • Alter Your Technique For Twin Battles
  • At all times Evaluate Temtem Talents

Pokemon nonetheless dominates aggressive monster battling, however Temtem is proving to be a colourful various. You play as a customized tamer in an MMORPG world, touring round, accumulating Temtem, and difficult different tamers. Whereas there are similarities between the Pokemon and Temtem worlds, there are some notable variations that must be taken under consideration.

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That is notably necessary in relation to fight. In some areas, there is a gradual buildup to energy, whereas others can shock you with their toughness. In case you preserve the next in thoughts, you will have a superb grasp of how fight works and what you will have to do as a way to win.

Normal Guidelines

Like Pokemon, Temtem makes use of a rock-paper-scissors system the place some sorts are stronger or weaker than others. Some are apparent similar to Water being robust towards Hearth, whereas others are extra obscure, like Electrical being robust towards Psychological.


It additionally makes use of a turn-based system the place every Temtem strikes as soon as per flip, and switch order is set by pace. You need to use gadgets to help your Temtem in battle, and they are often given gadgets that can have various results. Temtem even have passive traits which have an effect on their strikes, stats, and reactions.

Alter Your Technique For Twin Battles

As quickly as you get your second Temtem, you will study that you possibly can have two Temtem combating without delay irrespective of the opponent. As such, this implies you will be getting various gadgets and strikes that may have an effect on a number of Temtem without delay.

It might be tempting to refill on essentially the most highly effective offensive strikes, however you will have to settle for the truth that some Temtem are extra suited to a help position and must be educated as such. Hold this in thoughts when utilizing strikes that have an effect on the entire area, not simply the enemy crew.

Observe Synergies

Since you possibly can have two Temtem combating without delay, Synergy goes to play an enormous position. A easy solution to reap the benefits of that is to have Temtem of the identical typing, to allow them to enhance one another.

Extra particular are Synergy strikes. Often, a Temtem will study a transfer that has a bit plus image connected to it.

This implies it will likely be affected by Synergy, with particulars of what sort it must activate. The Synergy results vary from growing the transfer’s injury to creating it trigger standing illnesses. Experiment with totally different duos to get essentially the most out of those strikes.

Thoughts Your Stamina

As a substitute of strikes having a set variety of makes use of, as an alternative Temtem have a Stamina bar beneath their HP bar. Each time they use a transfer, Stamina is consumed, with sure strikes being extra demanding than others.

If a Temtem makes use of a transfer that requires extra Stamina than they’ve remaining, they’ll take injury and shall be unable to behave the following flip. Due to this, you want apply managing your Stamina, making the selection to spend a flip utilizing a restoration merchandise or have your Temtem relaxation to regain extra Stamina.

At all times Evaluate Temtem Talents

Every Temtem has its personal passive potential, which could be frequent or distinctive.

Although you possibly can’t management which talents you might have, they will considerably alter the stream of battle. They’ll have an effect on how sure assaults affect their stats, how sure strikes change when used, or how they behave in relation to their companions and opponents.

Earlier than taking up a dojo or a area with a passion for sure sorts, ensure you have a crew with passive talents that complement one another and reply effectively to the assaults you are prone to encounter.

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