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The place To Discover All Comics In The Final Of Us Half 1

Comedian books in The Final of Us Half 1 is a science fiction that not directly covers Joel and Ellie’s journey as they undergo peculiar occasions, ideas, and concepts within the recreation. These comedian books make up the sequence titled Savage Starlight.

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There are 14 completely different chapters within the Savage Starlight sequence. Every problem of the comedian sequence is accessible level-by-level within the recreation. Under is an outline of how one can simply find all the problems in The Final of Us Half 1.

First Comedian: Drive Provider (Location: Pittsburgh – Alone And Forsaken)

After you efficiently go the primary ambush within the Pittsburgh chapter, the primary comedian might be mechanically allotted to your stock. You may examine it after you go the ambush path within the chapter.


Second Comedian: Termination Shock (Location: Pittsburgh – Alone And Forsaken)

There’s a highway between Pittsburgh’s bridge and the hunters’ constructing, which is the primary software storage within the recreation. Come down from the hunters’ constructing and enter the highway. You will notice an deserted bus with plenty of crops on it upfront — stroll in direction of it and enter it. Go to the again seat of the bus and one can find the second comedian there.

Third Comedian: Accretion (Location: Pittsburgh – Resort Foyer)

After Ellie rescues you from a hunter within the Pittsburgh resort basement, you have to climb upstairs from there and switch to the left. You will notice a balcony however look to your aspect, there’s a bar on the far finish. It’s essential to cross part of the balcony that’s already half-destroyed to get to the bar.

After you cross, earlier than you attain the bar, one can find some tables and chairs close to the balcony, transfer in direction of them. The comedian is on the desk nearest to the rails of the balcony.

Fourth Comedian: Deep Part (Location: Pittsburgh – Escape The Metropolis)

Instantly after you meet Henry and Sam in Pittsburgh, go to the ground beneath. You can find a door locked. Unlock the door with Shiv, it results in a flat.

Enter the flat and flip left to the second room the place there’s a black workplace chair. Reverse the workplace chair, one can find a pc and keyboard on a desk. Verify on the desk, one can find the comedian in addition to the desktop.

Fifth Comedian: Antiparticles (Location: Suburbs – Sewers)

After a chaotic finish in Pittsburgh, you’ll be washed up on the shores of a seashore within the Suburbs. On the shores of the seashore, one can find an deserted boat forward.

Enter the boat and search its helm. The comedian guide is on the boat’s management dashboard.

Sixth Comedian: Messenger Particle (Location: Suburbs – Suburbs)

After you permit the sewer in Suburbs, observe the highway that results in a neighborhood. Seek for the final home on the left aspect of the highway.

The home has a red-colored “X” signal.

Enter the home and go to the second flooring of the constructing. Transfer previous the bed room and toilet you encounter first. Enter the second bed room, one can find a really lengthy desk with a pc on it. Stroll towards the desk, the comedian can also be on it.

If you’re not taking part in the remastered model of The Final Of Us Half 1, you will discover the comedian on the cistern of the water closet inside the toilet after you go the primary bed room.

Seventh Comedian: International Component (Location: Tommy’s Dam – Hydroelectric Dam)

In your approach to Tommy’s Dam, just a few inches earlier than you attain beneath a big bridge, flip proper and go up the hill. On the peak of the hill, one can find a crashed automotive the other way up.

Go close to the crashed automotive. The comedian is on the bottom beside the automotive.

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Eighth Comedian: Zero Level (Location: Tommy’s Dam – Ranch Home)

Within the scene the place you run after Ellie with a horse, she’s going to result in a ranch home in Tommy’s Dam. When you exit the horse, enter the ranch residence and go upstairs. Enter the primary room you meet. The comedian is on the room’s window ledge by the left.

Ninth Comedian: Free Radicals (Location: The College – Go Bighorns)

Initially of the Huge Horns stage in The College, you’ll be on a horse with Ellie. Instantly you achieve management, flip again and head as much as the place the highway started— it isn’t far.

Earlier than you attain that time, one can find a tree, SUV, and truck on the identical horizontal path. Transfer towards the SUV, which is in the midst of the tree and truck. The comedian is within the again seat of the SUV, which already has its door eliminated.

Tenth Comedian: Uncertainty (Location: Lakeside Resort – The Hunt)

Throughout The Hunt stage at Lakeside Resort, Ellie will come throughout a picket lodge after chasing a deer beneath snow. Enter the lodge, you’ll uncover a room by the left — enter it.

The room has a desk containing a drawer. Open the drawer, the comedian guide is inside.

Eleventh Comedian: Negentropy (Location: Lakeside Resort – Cabin Resort)

Nonetheless at The Hunt stage, some hunters will chase Ellie on horses. Ellie will later be shot off her horse and should escape by foot. At this level, find and enter the sewage pipe close to the lakeside. Whenever you come out of the pipe at its different finish, flip left and climb the staircase.

You will notice two benches. One has a fabric hanging on it, transfer to that bench — the comedian is on it.

Twelfth Comedian: Precipitate (Location: Bus Depot – Freeway Exit)

After watching the giraffe herd at Freeway Exit at Bus Depot, flip again and enter the constructing close to you. Go down its stairs. Two doorways will observe each other and you’ll want to enter each.

Within the room you enter, you discover a purple dispenser on the best and a door by its aspect. Open the door, it results in a male restroom.

Find the water closets by the left aspect of the restroom. On the final water closet within the restroom, you may discover a dry useless man. The twelfth comedian is on the bottom in entrance of the useless man.

Thirteenth Comedian: Catalysis (Location: Bus Depot – Underground Tunnel)

In Bus Depot, you may have to drop a ladder to Ellie after swimming by way of underwater and flooded passageways. On the level you drop the ladder, there’s a air flow shaft by your proper. Climb the shaft and stroll “close to” its finish.

Earlier than you attain the top of the shaft, which is damaged, you will notice the comedian guide.

Heads up, you may battle bloaters and clickers on the underground tunnel within the Bus Depot earlier than you may purchase the collectible there.

Fourteenth Comedian: Singularity (Location: Jackson – Epilogue)

The final and 14th problem of the Savage Starlight sequence is situated in Jackson metropolis. You and Joel should enter the ranch gated with a wire fence. After that, transfer far proper.

You can find a pickup close to some rocks. The 14th comedian is on the driving force’s seat.

It’s advisable to attempt to accumulate all 14 comedian books in The Final of Us Half 1. Acquiring all problems with the Savage Starlight sequence will earn you the Endure and Survive trophy. Moreover, Ellie loves studying comics, so accumulating them makes her joyful.

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