Prison Break Walkthrough and All Collectible Locations in Warframe

Prison Break Walkthrough and All Collectible Locations in Warframe

Prison Break Walkthrough and All Collectible Locations in Warframe

Warframe, the action-packed sci-fi game, presents players with thrilling missions and hidden collectibles to discover. One such mission is the “Prison Break,” which challenges players to infiltrate a high-security prison and rescue their allies. In this article, we will provide a detailed walkthrough of the Prison Break mission in Warframe, along with the locations of all collectibles scattered throughout the prison.

Prison Break Walkthrough

  1. Infiltration: Start by navigating through the prison’s outer defenses. Look for weak points in the security systems and use your Warframe’s abilities to disable or bypass them. Proceed cautiously to avoid alerting the guards.
  2. Locate the Control Room: Once inside the prison, your objective is to locate the control room. Follow the markers on your HUD or minimap to guide you through the prison’s complex corridors and chambers. Be prepared to encounter enemies along the way, and engage them with your weapons and Warframe abilities.
  3. Disable Security Measures: As you progress, you’ll come across various security measures designed to impede your progress. Hack into security consoles to disable cameras, lasers, and other obstacles obstructing your path. Move swiftly but stealthily to minimize the chances of raising the alarm.
  4. Rescue Imprisoned Allies: Along your journey, you’ll encounter imprisoned allies in cells or confinement chambers. Free them by interacting with the cell controls or solving puzzles specific to each cell. Once freed, the allies will assist you in completing the mission.
  5. Navigate the Cell Blocks: The prison is divided into multiple cell blocks, each with its unique layout and challenges. Pay attention to your objective markers and communicate with your teammates to navigate through the maze-like structure efficiently.
  6. Confront the Warden: As you progress deeper into the prison, you’ll eventually confront the formidable Warden. Prepare for a challenging battle, as the Warden possesses powerful abilities and formidable combat skills. Coordinate your attacks, use your Warframe’s abilities strategically, and exploit any weaknesses to defeat the Warden and complete the mission.

All Collectible Locations

Throughout the Prison Break mission, there are hidden collectibles for diligent explorers to discover. Here are the locations of all collectibles within the prison:

  1. Cell Block A: In the first cell block, look for a hidden vent shaft near the ceiling. Enter the shaft and follow it to find a hidden cache containing a collectible item.
  2. Control Room: In the control room, search the desks and cabinets for a hidden drawer containing a collectible item.
  3. Cell Block B: Proceed to the second cell block and locate a small utility room adjacent to the cell block’s central area. Inside the utility room, you’ll find a collectible item hidden behind some crates.
  4. Guard’s Quarters: As you progress, you’ll come across the guard’s quarters. Search the lockers and drawers in one of the rooms to find a collectible item.
  5. Solitary Confinement: In the solitary confinement area, there is a hidden vent shaft near one of the cells. Crawl through the vent to discover a hidden alcove containing a collectible item.
  6. Warden’s Office: After confronting the Warden, search the Warden’s office for a hidden safe. Crack the safe’s code to acquire a valuable collectible item.

Keep in mind that collectible locations may vary slightly in each playthrough. Therefore, stay observant, explore thoroughly, and be on the lookout for any hidden areas or objects that may contain collectibles.


With this walkthrough and collectible locations guide, you are now equipped to undertake the Prison Break