UncategorizedTFT Secrets of the Shallows: Event Missions and Rewards

TFT Secrets of the Shallows: Event Missions and Rewards

TFT Secrets of the Shallows: Event Missions and Rewards

The world of Teamfight Tactics (TFT) is abuzz with excitement as a new event, “Secrets of the Shallows,” takes center stage. This thrilling event brings a wave of missions and rewards for players to dive into. Whether you’re a seasoned tactician or a curious newcomer, this article will guide you through the depths of the event, highlighting the missions you can undertake and the enticing rewards that await. So, grab your champions and get ready to explore the Secrets of the Shallows!

What is the “Secrets of the Shallows” event?

The “Secrets of the Shallows” event is a limited-time event in Teamfight Tactics that introduces exciting new missions and rewards for players to engage with. It is designed to add an extra layer of enjoyment and challenge to the game, encouraging players to complete specific objectives to earn exclusive in-game goodies. The event typically revolves around a unique theme, and in this case, it focuses on the mysterious and enchanting depths of the ocean.

Why is the event relevant?

The “Secrets of the Shallows” event brings a fresh and immersive experience to Teamfight Tactics, captivating players with its thematic elements and enticing rewards. It serves as a great opportunity for both new and veteran players to further immerse themselves in the game and enjoy additional content. Furthermore, events like these foster a sense of community and excitement within the TFT player base, as players unite in their quest to complete missions and unlock exclusive rewards.

Event Missions and Rewards

  1. Tide Turner: In this mission, players are challenged to win three games with a board that includes at least one ocean-themed champion. By successfully completing this mission, players will receive a unique Little Legend egg, allowing them to add a charming companion to their TFT adventures.
  2. Siren’s Song: This mission requires players to achieve a top-four finish in five different games. Upon completion, players will be rewarded with a prestigious icon, displaying their prowess in the depths of the “Secrets of the Shallows” event.
  3. Deep Sea Diversion: For this mission, players must equip a chosen item on a two-star ocean-themed champion. Accomplishing this objective will grant players a special emote, allowing them to express their triumph or mischief during future matches.
  4. Sunken Treasure: In this mission, players need to place within the top three positions in a game while having at least two ocean-themed champions on their board. The reward for this achievement is a precious chest containing various in-game cosmetic items, such as Little Legend variants or arena skins.
  5. Mariner’s Medley: Players who manage to win a game with a full team of ocean-themed champions will unlock an exclusive loading screen border. This border will showcase their dedication to mastering the ocean synergy and serve as a visual testament to their skills.
  6. Riptide Rush: This mission challenges players to deal a certain amount of damage to enemy players in any number of games. Upon completion, players will receive a unique summoner icon, allowing them to personalize their profile with an aquatic touch.
  7. Mystic Waters: For this mission, players must play two games with an ocean-themed Little Legend equipped. Once accomplished, players will unlock an ocean-themed arena skin, immersing them in the mystical waters of the “Secrets of the Shallows” event.

These are just a few examples of the missions and rewards that await players during the “Secrets of the Shallows” event. By completing these missions and earning rewards, players can enhance their gameplay experience and showcase their achievements to others.


The “Secrets of the Shallows” event in Teamfight Tactics presents an exciting opportunity for players to embark on a journey into the depths of the ocean-themed content. With a variety of missions and alluring rewards, this event offers a refreshing twist to the game, captivating both newcomers and seasoned players alike. So, gather your courage, assemble your champions, and dive into the “Secrets of the Shallows” to unlock the treasures that await!


FAQ 1: How long will the “Secrets of the Shallows” event last?

The duration of the event may vary, but typically, TFT events like “Secrets of the Shallows” last for a few weeks. Keep an eye on the official TFT announcements for exact dates and details.

FAQ 2: Are the rewards from the event permanent?

Yes, the rewards earned during the “Secrets of the Shallows” event are permanent additions to your TFT collection. Once unlocked, you can enjoy and showcase them in your future games.

FAQ 3: Can I participate in the event if I’m new to Teamfight Tactics?

Absolutely! The “Secrets of the Shallows” event welcomes players of all experience levels. It’s a fantastic opportunity to dive into the world of TFT and enjoy the themed content and rewards.

FAQ 4: Are the event missions difficult to complete?

The event missions are designed to provide an enjoyable challenge for players while remaining attainable. They cater to various playstyles and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can participate and earn rewards.

FAQ 5: Will there be any additional content released during the event?

Events like “Secrets of the Shallows” often come with additional features, such as new Little Legends, arena skins, or gameplay changes. Stay tuned to official announcements and patch notes for any exciting updates and surprises!