Gaming NewsThe Best Maui Build in Smite

The Best Maui Build in Smite

The Best Maui Build in Smite

Maui, the legendary demigod from Polynesian mythology, has made his way into the battleground of Smite, bringing with him immense power and versatility. As players take on the role of this formidable warrior, it becomes crucial to equip him with the most effective build to maximize their potential. In this article, we will explore the best Maui build in Smite, focusing on key items and strategies that will allow you to dominate the battlefield and secure victory.

Understanding Maui’s Strengths and Abilities

Before diving into the build, it’s essential to have a good understanding of Maui’s strengths and abilities. Maui excels in close-quarters combat, boasting high burst damage and exceptional mobility. His abilities revolve around unleashing devastating attacks and controlling the battlefield. With this in mind, our build will aim to enhance Maui’s damage output while providing him with survivability and utility.

The Best Maui Build

  1. Warrior’s Blessing: Start the match with Warrior’s Blessing to increase your survivability and sustain in the early game. This item provides bonus protections, health regeneration, and rewards you for being in combat.
  2. Ninja Tabi: Ninja Tabi is an excellent choice for Maui, as it grants increased attack speed and movement speed. This item will enhance your overall damage output and mobility.
  3. The Crusher: The Crusher is a core item for Maui, offering physical power, attack speed, and penetration. Its passive ability deals bonus damage and reduces the enemy’s protections, amplifying your burst potential.
  4. Hydra’s Lament: Hydra’s Lament synergizes well with Maui’s ability-based playstyle. This item provides additional cooldown reduction, physical power, and a passive effect that boosts your next basic attack after using an ability.
  5. Jotunn’s Wrath: Jotunn’s Wrath further enhances Maui’s cooldown reduction, granting him reduced ability cooldowns and additional physical power. This item ensures that your abilities are readily available in combat.
  6. Void Shield: Void Shield offers both offensive and defensive benefits. It provides physical power, protection reduction for nearby enemies, and bonus physical protections for Maui. This item is especially useful against physical-heavy enemy teams.
  7. Mantle of Discord: Mantle of Discord is a powerful defensive item that provides both magical and physical protections. Its passive ability grants a stun to nearby enemies when Maui’s health drops below a certain threshold, giving you a chance to turn the tide of battle.
  8. Elixir of Speed: In the late game, sell your Ninja Tabi and purchase Elixir of Speed to gain additional movement speed.

Playstyle and Strategies

With the best Maui build in place, it’s important to utilize effective strategies to fully unleash his potential:

  • Engage with your abilities: Maui’s abilities allow him to engage and disengage quickly. Utilize his grappling hook (Hook Slam) to close the gap, followed by a combo of abilities to deal burst damage. Use his ultimate (The Mighty Dive) to initiate team fights or secure kills.
  • Manage your cooldowns: Cooldown reduction is crucial for Maui. Keep an eye on your ability timers and use Jotunn’s Wrath and Hydra’s Lament to minimize downtime between your combos.
  • Prioritize targets: Maui excels at taking down squishy targets. Focus on isolating and eliminating enemy carries to swing team fights in your favor.
  • Communicate with your team: Coordination with your teammates is essential. Inform them when you’re initiating or need assistance, as Maui thrives in team engagements.


By following the best Maui build in Smite and employing effective strategies, you can harness the power of this mighty demigod to dominate the battleground. Remember to adapt your build to the specific match circumstances and counter your opponents’ strengths. With Maui’s devastating abilities and a well-optimized build, you’ll pave the way to victory in the mythological realm of Smite!