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Almost 40 years on, Elite on BBC Micro has an impressive new editor mod

A vastly spectacular new mod launched on Saturday for Elite, as within the first Elite, from the eighties, for BBC Micro computer systems. As its identify suggests, the Elite Universe Editor helps you to create your individual house within the seminal spaceship sim, inserting planets and stars and stations and tweaking ships and such. For this to return after nearly 40 years…! PC gaming is an countless delight.

“The Universe Editor helps you to customise just about each side of the Elite universe, from the ships round you to the seeds used to generate the sport’s programs and galaxies,” modman Mark Moxon defined.

You may create photo voltaic programs and pockets of house (“universes”, in Elite terminology) by inserting planets, suns, house stations, ships, asteroids, and the opposite regular objects. You may edit the attributes and AI persona of ships, cargo, and different objects. You may hop proper into your universes direct from the editor. And you may choose the seed the sport makes use of to generate the galaxy.

An iconic Elite screenshot from the box art recreated inside the new Elite Universe Editor mod.

Delightfully, Moxon has additionally included pattern universes which recreate screenshots and paintings from the duvet of ye olde Acornsoft Elite field. When you ever stared at these screens for ages whereas deciding whether or not or not it was value your pocket cash, your desires and visions can now come true-ish.

You may obtain the mod from its website (the place you may additionally discover directions on utilizing it) or play in your browser with an emulator. When you’ve got the suitable {hardware}, I assume you can even run it on an actual pc: it is for the BBC Micro with 6502 Second Processor or the BBC Grasp.

In a forum post, Moxon added: “In case anybody is , I am hoping so as to add the identical modifying instruments to the Commodore 64 model, which ought to imply that Beeb and C64 house owners might swap universe information. Unsure whether or not anybody will, nevertheless it’s an fascinating prospect!”

Knowledge travellers, electro wizards, and techno anarchists could be desirous about scoping the supply code on GitHub. Moxon’s rationalization of how he managed to squeeze the editor into memory is fascinating too.

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